Weekend Excitment

  • I helped Alaina paint her living room, she returned the favor by helping me paint the boys room (SEA SERPENT!! LOVE!!), and the hallway. I also painted the backside of our bar. Pictures to come when everything is all finished.
  • We had family pictures done with my family this weekend. It was nice to not have the pressure of being the one behind the camera for a change.
  • I had 3 photo shoots last week, and one for tomorrow! It's awesome to have work these days...I can't wait to post photos from my shoots :)
  • My first term of school is wrapping up...I have to admit it's much less stressful than I thought it would be. Nice change.
  • My lead foot caught up to me and I got stopped. Any guesses on how much my fine was for 12 over? How many points would that little discretion cost me...?
  • Jason is doing the hardwood floors in the bedrooms this week. They were slow at work so he got to take today and tomorrow off to work on them.

EDIT: I DID get off :)


Anonymous said...

I had a blast painting with you! Thanks again.

Still can't believe we didn't get messier.

Jeff & Aleigh said...

Can't wait to see the painting pics!!! My guess is your fine was about $189 and 3 pts.

Sam said...

My guess is ZERO points and $0 for the fine....:)

Heather T said...

oooh...can't wait to see the new paint job! glad things aren't as stressful...that's always nice!:0) i'm guessing you just got a warning...;0)

Melissa said...

I'm anxious to see pictures, too! And I'm also guessing you just got a warning for your lead foot. (hope so, anyway!)

Kimber Sue said...

well. i got pulled over for 13 over. and it was $200 plus 4 points. and i bet you got off.

Anonymous said...

i know tht 18 over is $120 (or used to be back when i was 18). all my speeding tickets have been in WI at 18 over exactly ;) hehe!

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