Well...I've been putting off posting because I don't feel like uploading pictures, so I decided to just post without pictures. Life is strangely busy and boring both, so heres the bulleted list of whats been going on around here lately:
  • Our van is still out of commission. After working on it for hours and hours, they realized something wasn't fitting right so the van almost started but didn't. Jason was out of town for the first half of the week, and is going to a funeral tomorrow, so with any luck he can work on it some this weekend.
  • I started class this week and am feeling more excited than nervous about it. The was a little problem with the time for my first class that was supposed to start Wednesday night, so I had to change that one to Tuesday @ 7, and then Thursday @ 8 is my other class..which began tonight. My professor, Professor Q is awesome and seems pretty easy to work with.
  • Next weekend I get to get away!! (does this post feel redundant to anyone else?)
  • It snowed this week, and lets just say snow sports aren't really my thing, so..ya know.
I have nothing else. I'm starting to suck at this blog thing....but Roy* asks for updates, Roy* gets updates :)

*Otherwise known as Erica, but just call her Roy, she prefers it.


Lindsay said...

awesome about your classes- sounds fun! bummer about the van... if you need any help, i'm volunteering kelvin (he just doesn't know it yet). have fun on your getaway... :)

Neisha said...

glad your excited about classes!

Amber said...

Lindsay: That would be excellent if he was around. Jason is working on it tomorrow and probably nights next week, so if Kelvin's free and wants to help that's be awesome. Thanks!

Sam said...

I have missed your posts!!!!!

Heather T said...

hope u get the van fixed soon...huge bummer! glad ur first class went well:0)

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