I've not left my house in 3 whole days. I think I'm becoming a hermit

I'm leaving soon for a chiropractor appointment though, and hopefully that will get rid of the "I'm being pulled apart like a caterpillar" feeling I have between my hips. Tomorrow I'm going on a field trip with Brookelyn to the pumpkin patch and getting pumpkins for all the kids :) She even wants to sit with me on the bus.

I'm all cleared to go to a friends "All Girls" weekend. Can't come soon enough, especially since i've been challenged to a cupcake eating contest. Make up my trophy :)

Ugh...anyone want to venture a guess at how long it takes to replace an engine? An eternity, thats how long. Fingers crossed it will be back in commission by Sunday.

Oh, I know what I can say to make this post a little funny at least:

The other day, while perusing Goodwill for halloween costumes, this older guy who was quite eccentric with a very long beard and hair, Harley dud's and funky hat(think Gepetto from Pinocchio)...followed me down my aisle crouching down to check out my rain boots.

Dude: Whoooooaa! What are those, moon boots or something? I've never seen anything like them!"

Me: Oh, thanks...

Dude: (bending down to see what was one them) "What is that on there...?"

Me: "A coy fish :)"

Him: (standing up and noticing Archer in the cart) "Oh look, and she has a little baby with her! I tell you the people I run into...never seen anything like it! I love it!"


Neisha said...

i'd be going crazy too if I was cooped up for 3 days.

Heather T said...

u r one of a kind...just ask the harley guy:D

Ben, Heather and kids said...

can't wait to hear about the cupcake eating contest! :) all girls wk end sounds fun!

Matt, Ashley & Alexus said...

I agree a girls weekend! ROCK ON! I'm excited for you! And a cupcake eating contest....Good luck! I would end up so sick from eating so many! Have fun!

Sam said...

Have fun!

Candylei said...

To some of us that sounds great...being able to stay home for three days! I am a cupcake fan.

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