Girly Weekend.

Mikaela playing charades :)
Alaina and I on the way home...
Beck and Nicole napping after a short night.
My bag.
inside...it's custom made to fit my lens, diffuser, and flash.

Charades :)
Who can eat stuff the most cupcakes in their face? Why, Amber can...14 total.

Alaina ate the most cupcakes in 90 seconds...she at 9 to my 8 :(

Britta is a brilliant cook and hostess, the food was amazing.
I have to admit, Alaina was a HUGE help in the making of my bag. Thanks girl!
Why thank you, my pretty!

Alaina has a webcam with photo booth...a great source of entertainment!
Proof I did sew some of my bag :)
Oh, Britta working on...you guessed it! My bag....
Beck being adorable.
All my pretty fabric.
Gallaine playing charades.
Cupcakes galore...I think she said she made 140 cupcakes for the weekend.
Hilarious charades.
The picture below is Beck scowling at Elav..who came up with the charade she is preforming in this picture..."slyly sneak up on an unsuspecting person, and yank their underwear up over their head" Funny enough, I had also threw "underwear over your head" into the pot....


Britta bought these awesome cups that were like chalkboards that you could etch your name into.
Snacking and playing charades.

Thanks Britta, for an excellent fun filled weekend! Thanks Alaina, for the ride, the help...for being an awesome friend and all that crap :) Thanks for putting up with all my whining...and a word to the wise, weaning cold turkey and forgetting parts to your pump sucks a duck, I wouldn't recommend it.


Heather T said...

cute bag! looks like u had a fun time!:0)

Mariah said...

I love the pic of the cupcakes... looks like you had an awesome time.. I know I enjoyed the cupcake eating video... :) lol congrats, btw.

Anonymous said...

Amazing weekend.
Amazing friends.
Amazing bags.
Amazing charades cards.
Amazing pictures.
Amazing cupcakes.
Amazing time.

I'm so glad we did that together. Words can't express how much I enjoyed it. Can't wait to do it again!

Sam said...

Lucky girl! Cute pics, glad you got away and had a good time, I too enjoyed the video ;)

Neisha said...

looks like you had a fun weekend

Stacy said...

Looks like a good time! Your bag turned out cute - nice you had some help.

bella said...

oo..wanting those cups...

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