Roy...ummm...goofing around with the camera again :)

Girly Weekend.

Mikaela playing charades :)
Alaina and I on the way home...
Beck and Nicole napping after a short night.
My bag.
inside...it's custom made to fit my lens, diffuser, and flash.

Charades :)
Who can eat stuff the most cupcakes in their face? Why, Amber can...14 total.

Alaina ate the most cupcakes in 90 seconds...she at 9 to my 8 :(

Britta is a brilliant cook and hostess, the food was amazing.
I have to admit, Alaina was a HUGE help in the making of my bag. Thanks girl!
Why thank you, my pretty!

Alaina has a webcam with photo booth...a great source of entertainment!
Proof I did sew some of my bag :)
Oh, Britta working on...you guessed it! My bag....
Beck being adorable.
All my pretty fabric.
Gallaine playing charades.
Cupcakes galore...I think she said she made 140 cupcakes for the weekend.
Hilarious charades.
The picture below is Beck scowling at Elav..who came up with the charade she is preforming in this picture..."slyly sneak up on an unsuspecting person, and yank their underwear up over their head" Funny enough, I had also threw "underwear over your head" into the pot....


Britta bought these awesome cups that were like chalkboards that you could etch your name into.
Snacking and playing charades.

Thanks Britta, for an excellent fun filled weekend! Thanks Alaina, for the ride, the help...for being an awesome friend and all that crap :) Thanks for putting up with all my whining...and a word to the wise, weaning cold turkey and forgetting parts to your pump sucks a duck, I wouldn't recommend it.


Trae insisted he didn't need his nap today...so when he came out with some spray I bought from Arbonne that I used to spray Archers pillow before bed when he was colicky, asking what it was, I told him it was sleep spray. "Ten I twy it, mom, ten I?" I told him sure, but it makes you go to sleep, so if you use it, you have to go night night. Apparently the stuff works, because he was zonked out when I checked on him less than 5 minutes later...or maybe he just needed his nap :)


I'm finding all sorts of things to blog about...

...for instance: I'm sick. My nose runs constantly, and during the day I can deal with that with boxes upon boxes of Kleenex.

When I was little...I remember waking up sometimes
with boogers caked all over my face because
I had a runny nose and didn't wake up. It's not like
you could really wipe them off because they were crusted on
and if you picked them off, it hurt. So you just had
to wet them in the shower and then wipe them off, which is gross.

So, I've been sleeping with a Kleenex jammed up my nostril the past two nights. When Archer wakes up and sees me like that, he giggles and pulls it out :) So far no comments from my husband, but I think he was so distracted this morning by it and that's why he forgot to re-set MY alarm that he's borrowing because his "is messed up and keeps shutting off" and I woke up late. Not late enough for the kids to miss the bus though, thank goodness.


(click to enlarge)
Elliot's drawing of him and Jason fixing the van :)

A self portrait Brookelyn did the first day of school.


a walk down memory lane...moved away 14 years ago and haven't been back.

I remember when this was being built and how TALL it seemed to me once.
This is my elementary school that has since closed. I actually think all the schools in Bear Creek have closed. We used to ride our bikes down the steps if we wanted to prove we were big stuff.
A drove by shot of our house.
The Alley that seemed so long to me. The building to the right? An apartment building with 2 stories. Todd Noack spit out the window at me once...what a creep.
The Village Variety, either the gray building or the red faced building. We used to go and buy penny candy. I remember when tootsie rolls went from a penny to 5 cents.
Back in the day, it was $.50...I remember going to get my dad RC Cola.
Hoodlums trying to rob the pop machine.

From where I took the picture to the Mountain Dew sign is how far I walked or rode my bike to pick up things for my mom. Way back then, kids could buy cigarettes for their parents. Crazy.
Our house, which was much better maintained when we lived there. I'm sure my dad wouldn't be impressed to see all his hard work ruined. The daughter of the grocer mentioned how mom and dad kept their place up so nice, and mentioned we'd be disgusted when we saw how run down it had gotten, and I was.
My little monkey bean. She plays on the monkey bars constantly at school, just like I did when I was little.
Oh yeah, he made a bow.
Hard to tell, but I'm standing on a cement planter thing that went all the way around the tree, so add in some room from my knees to my feet. We used to spin round and round this tree when we were little. My sister even got poked in the eye once and had to wear a patch, because mom told us not to do that. Anyway...just trying for a size comparison. We saw the grocer from town and he said I "Grew up" :)
Archer was content to hang out in the swing the whole time we were there.
Playing on the zippy thing...and this is an adorable picture of him :)
...as long as someone was pushing him :)
We played a game of "laser tag"
*Me bad. Me Baaaad! (that is my laser gun, getting even with my opponent *see above picture) There was some monkey bar trickery going on after this, but I kindly refrained from posting those pictures for you guys :)
The zippy thing was fun until my hands started to blister.
Little orphan boy in the park.
The mary-go-round I went round and round on as a kid.

This sign is really old...been there as long as my dad can remember. Kids got in trouble for taking the sign and swinging it around the bar. Also, we used to try to ring the bell, but it never rang and usually just hurt your hand. I think we used it as the "goal" a lot, too.
104 Prospect St, Bear Creek, WI 54922
This alley was the thing I was most excited to come back too. It seemed like such a long walk through the alley, but it really isn't.

* I knew that down vest would make me look fat...
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