New London Hospital put on a family night in Clintonville last night. We took the kid sand we got to see a Flight For Life helicopter land and various other emergency vehicles. At dusk, the showed the movie Bolt. We've never been to an outdoor movie before. The kids had a blast.

toad friend


Oh yeah, and in no particular order because Blogger was being an idiot when I was trying to upload them...

Archer met a friend :D

I think he kinda liked her...

If i'm grimacing it's because I touched my foot on the pipe.

Free popcorn :D


Sam said...

hmmm...how did you find out about this?

Amber said...

my dad saw something and told us about it... :D

Heather T said...

looks like fun! true story...:0)

Mariah said...

We had a blast at the outdoor movie theater in Freedom... We took the truck and backed it up on the little hill, sat on some blankets, and plugged a little portable radio into a cigarette outlet inverter... it was great!! :)

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