a little pressure...


...and this is why I have ulcers, because I stress myself out like this. To make the situation even more stressful:
  • I was on my way to shoot a wedding.
  • I didn't stop when the light came on because my GPS was putting my arrival time one hour past the the start time of the wedding.
  • I supposedly had 45 minutes to shoot all the pre-ceremony stuff. I found out later that instead of starting the shoot at 1, wedding at 1:45....I was actually supposed to start at 1:45 with the wedding starting at 3pm. So I had time to kill.
  • After the wedding, I found out I had one hour from the end of the wedding to wait for the receiving line to get done (I set up my lights/umbrellas/etc while I waited) shoot all the formals, finish up the outside stuff, go to the brides parents to shoot some stuff with their snowmobile, and get back to the reception hall (15 minutes away) to do the shots of the cake cutting. Needless to say...we cut the cake after dinner.

We had a great weekend. Saturday we spent the day at Stephen and Sarah's house, and finally met Shadon...a friend who has read my blog and we've chatted online, but never formally met. We went to the pool and had a bonfire, it was awesome fun :D

*apparently you've got about 40 miles from the "o miles until empty" point before you actually ru out of gas, but I won't be testing that theory, thankyouverymuch.


Neisha said...

I have a tendency to run it to empty too. not ON empty but too close for comfort.

Heather T said...

oh boy...fun times! i rarely let my tank go below a quarter and if it does i'm paranoid i'll run out...gpa instilled solid fears in me that way...;0) glad u had a fun weekend!:0)

Ben, Heather & kids said...

When I was pregnant I was told to always keep the tank full, in case we had to make a quick run to the hospital (40 mins away). Always be prepared ya know! So.. when we had Carolyn and John.. there we were filling up for gas..

*And for the record 'HE' was the last one driving both times it was left on empty*

Mindy said...

i ran out of gas once. i was on my way home from iowa. i had just gotten a call from the workers saying they'd be there for supper. oh, & my cell phone didn't work where i ran out. thank goodness for the nice young farmer who stopped & helped me! never again will i let the light come on.

Sam said...

Yeah I ran out of gas too once..out in the country no phone, I too walked to a farm and they gave me some gas, I had money on my so I paid them for their sweetness, never do that again but I have a tendency to not get gas until the light comes on, SO bad for your vehicle, I know!

Angie said...

Haha...I have run out of gas 2 times. So, why do I STILL let the low fuel light come on!? I did make sure the pickup was filled up the weekend I went off my medication. There are very few gas stations between our house and the 70 mile trip to the hospital..and I was NOT having a baby in the vehicle. :D I really don't want to run out of gas with two kids in the vehicle either, I guess! My stomach kind of flops every time that dumb light goes on :)

Amber said...

...I didn't run completely out, thankfully:D I pulled into the gas station just as the "0 miles until empty" alert came on.

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