Bay Beach 8.11.09

All of us, minus Mom....who spoiled us all day. Thanks Mom!!!

Testing 1...2...testing.

The kids and my mom :D

Archer wanted on the "tilt & hurl"

Trae wanted off. He kept uncovering his eyes and saying "done?" and then covering them back up again. He also said "me drive helicopter."

The swings. Elliot hated them.


Ben, Heather & kids said...

I remember when the tickets costed 10 cents, and no ride was more than 30 cents!

I can't wait to take our kids there!

Anonymous said...

That photo of Eliot on the carosel is adorable! :-) What a knock out ;-)

Heather T said...

too cute...looks like a fun time! ;0)

Sam said...

How were the lines during the week? On a Saturday the are AWFUL!!! But a good time if you dont have to wait 30-45 min to get on something!

Cute pics!

mom 2 4J's said...

Cute pictures. I totally agree with the "tilt and hurl" caption. I went on with my boys once and had to shut my eyes and talk myself out of hurling...didn't end up to very fun for them watching mom try not to be sick:)

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