This kid is getting SO big for his britches....

We are doing well with the potty training for the most part, and when I say most part I mean the peeing part. He steals Elliot's underwear when I enforce underwear, because he refuses to wear a diaper except to bed or when we are out and about. Today, he slipped into Elliot's tighty whiteys and pooped in them 5 minutes later. I threw them out, because I hate having poop particles amongst the rest of my laundry. Anyhoo...Elliot saw them in the garbage and said "Aww, who pooped in my underwear, TRAE!?"

Today I made Mac n' Cheese for lunch and he was impatiently waiting to eat. I dumped the noodles in the strainer in the sink as he's pulling at my pant leg and begging for food. He looked at me like "you've got to be kidding me..." and said "no mom....me ead dit!" I took the strainer back to the stove and dumped the noodles back in the pan and he sighed again and said "no, mom...don't put a bagk on nair..."

He's been doing great going to bed and sleeping in HIS bed all night long...which was awesome because we didn't really even have to fight him on it. The other morning though, I woke up because Archer slammed his head into my face giving me a fat bloody lip, and discovered Tow Mater tangled up on the side of my head...courtesy of Mr. Traeman!


I was doing fine until I folded a tiny swaddle blanket...

I was so ready to get rid of all the baby clothes that were piled in totes and stacked in the basement. I wanted the extra room and it felt good to start clearing out things that we no longer need. I've been anticipating this all summer long and finally we need the money bad enough that I forced myself to buckle down and organize this garage sale. I was just annoyed as I carried tote after tote of baby clothes up the steps. I started sorting through maternity clothes first and barely had a twinge. I even made it through the entire 6-9 month collection fine. The next bin I lifted out of the pile was the teeny tiny newborn sizes. All the bright colors and tiny little things my baby was wearing just yesterday. A few of the special things I remembered picking out with care while I was expecting him got tossed in a keep pile up on the counter. The more tiny things that came out of the bin, the more my heart ached. I got a lump in my throat, but pressed on because truthfully, our home and plates are full. I pulled out a blue and green polka dot swaddle blanket and carefully folded it fighting back the tears that ultimately came anyway. I folded it and set it in the sell pile, knowing theres a cream colored soft fuzzy one that was his absolute favorite. In the end I'm sure I'll be holding on to both, for now at least. I know the cream one is coming and I just can't believe he's grown so fast and all these tiny little clothes will never fit a tiny baby of mine again.

I am ready to move on to the next stage, but this one is a hard one to let go...

**the smell of the Dreft lingering is not helping at all...


as promised....I present to you my recovered pictures of days spent (not blogging) and having an utter blast!

I took this shot while driving...arrest me now! I finally got to meet Shannon, and she is pretty and awesome. I wish we lived closer. We also got to see Mindy who is also awesome (and pretty!) and we wish they lived closer as well. We met up at IKEA in the cities and shopped and had lunch, and then had an afternoon playdate in the park. My only regret is that I did not get a picture of Shannon, Mindy, and I, because we have been trying to get together for ever, and it FINALLY worked out. Heres proof of our fun:

Archer made friends with Shannon :D
and Cole...

he must have loved the feel of the sand because he just kept sliding his body through it.

Nolan and Elliot had a blast together.

Ayla and Brookelyn playing...somehow I managed to stop taking pictures after the poop incident.*
This was just after crunching on a grain of sand...


they played very well together :D

Cute little Cole :D

Beautiful little Avrie...3 going on 24 :D

I have a party to plan...and invites to get printed off.

war paint: peace, brother and sisters.

Anyabug turned one!!
*Trae was wearing a little swimmer and came up to me to tell me "new one, this one dah-ty" and then proceeded to pull it down and get watery poop all over my flip flops (which were not on my feet) and in the swimming area. I had to try to bathe him in the small motion activated sink and soap from the bathroom. I washed my flip flops off and then threw buckets of water on the rest of the mess to rinse it out of the playing area. It was nasty to say the least...
In other news, I almost had a heart attack today when I was sitting on my bed talking on the phone with my sister and something caught my eye. I looked up just in time to see a huge woodpecker slam into my window, which then made me scramble across my bad and scream like a girl. I would have taken a picture if my camera wasn't broken. *tears*


  • Our refrigerator, camera, and something on the van broke. I'm the most mad about the camera...but I'm sending it in hopefully this week to be repaired.
  • I lost roughly 3,200 pictures, but thankfully we (meaning my friend Stephen) got them all back. Thanks one thousand times over :D
  • I shall post some pictures with what we've been up to soon, but don't hold your breath because it's BUSY around here. Or maybe I just don't have the patience to upload pictures right now...


what we've been doing...

trouble making.

taking walks and visiting our cattle friends...

tanning naked and in our underwear...

water/mud fights

trying to sell used tackle boxes for $10...

leaving the kix where little guys can sneak them under the coffee table and make a gigantic mess...


New London Hospital put on a family night in Clintonville last night. We took the kid sand we got to see a Flight For Life helicopter land and various other emergency vehicles. At dusk, the showed the movie Bolt. We've never been to an outdoor movie before. The kids had a blast.

toad friend


Oh yeah, and in no particular order because Blogger was being an idiot when I was trying to upload them...

Archer met a friend :D

I think he kinda liked her...

If i'm grimacing it's because I touched my foot on the pipe.

Free popcorn :D

Bay Beach 8.11.09

All of us, minus Mom....who spoiled us all day. Thanks Mom!!!

Testing 1...2...testing.

The kids and my mom :D

Archer wanted on the "tilt & hurl"

Trae wanted off. He kept uncovering his eyes and saying "done?" and then covering them back up again. He also said "me drive helicopter."

The swings. Elliot hated them.
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