sticking up for dad.

Elliot was telling my mom how he had to open all the windows this morning because Jason burned eggs, and Brookelyn said that "he always burns everything."

***a retelling as acurate as I can remember it....

Elliot: "Well, he doesn't cook a lot...he doesn't know"

Brookelyn: "Well, he still burns everything...even pizza."

Elliot: "He doesn't burn the pizza, Brookelyn, that's what color it's supposed to be."

Brookelyn: "It's not supposed to be brown, Elliot, that means it's burned"

Mom: "Well he can make pancakes too, can't he?"

Brookelyn: "Yah, and he burns those too."

...and at supper time....

Elliot: "Grandma, this pizza isn't burned, it's perfect!"...in reference to her "not brown" pizza :D


Tim and Melissa said...

Awww, poor Jason! At least daddy tries, little peanut!

Neisha said...


Ben, Heather & kids said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Does he burn PB and J ??? :)

Lindsay said...

heeheeee- what is it with guys and eggs? the last time i let kelvin make eggs (several years ago) he started the pan on fire... with nothing in it.

Heather T said...


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