Somebody pooped in a bucket...

...this much I know.

But who...? I'll probably never know.

No one will fess up, and it really doesn't matter....as long as I don't find a bucket under my bathroom sink again with poop smears in it, when company is over no less.

I did get a note delivered from someone, with a simple "yes" written on it, but when I told that person thanks for being honest they said "so so-and-so did it?" and I was like.."you didn't" and I got no answer, but when I said "you don't want to talk about it...?" I got a little "nope!"



I'll pay the extra $6...to not have to get up in the night to change a soaked through diaper, have each dirty diaper leak, and have Mickey Mouse adorn the front :D

Thanks for all the comments...you guys rock.



  • A lady stopped by our table at the mall, where I was eating with a friend and her 2 kids, and well as my 4, and said "I just had to stop and tell you...IT GETS BETTER!!...actually, these are the best years, I KNOW, BELIEVE ME, I KNOW..." After I got past the self contradiction there, I was all puzzled because I was in a splendid mood enjoying my meal and my kids and my friends. I think i'm actually offended. Now, had she said this 4 hours later when I was grocery shopping with aforementioned kids in tow after trying on 87 sun dresses while my baby screamed and the rest tore around the dressing room and having to answer the same 14 questions 117 times each, in the same 4 hours (computing that...1628 questions collectively) maybe I wouldn't be shocked to have someone walk up just as I was giving the simplest of instructions the 39th time "please, can we walk straight with our eyes ahead of us" and "if I run your heel over with this cart it is not my fault because it's really hard to steer 400 pounds of groceries and toddler with one hand while trying to control the child in the other hand that is currently taking my boob out himself for a snack..please and thank you"
  • There was this really tall black man singing "Amazing Grace" to his baby daughter and I was looking around trying to find a speaker because he was that good. He apologized, saying he just got caught up and I stammered "no, it was beautiful, I was looking for a speaker because I thought it was the radio. You're an awesome singer..." He thanked me and said I made his day, and then continued his song. Likewise, Mr.
  • I broke down and decided to buy generic diapers because, well, all we are doing is filling them with urine and excrement and if I can pay $6 less per box, that would save us $48 a month...so I decided to try them on Trae to see if they leak/cause rash/etc, and if not, I'm buying them for both boys next time. I personally would never judge a person by the diaper on their kids butt, but I do feel like a Huggie or a Pamper is totally a status symbol and I'm wondering again why we are so caught up with that...
  • So I had this idea as I drove home that I want to try to get pretty flowers growing in my yard at all times during the summer so I can have fresh flowers on hand to cheer myself up on not so cheery days, or to make a simple bouquet to cheer someone else who is having one of those days. The trick, I decided, is to figure out what blooms when and then plant it arranged all nicely, which i'll probably suck at, but at least I can pluck a flower on a moments notice, all summer long. I think tulips would make my day sweeter today.
  • This blog. Oh this blog. It started out like many blogs I read...as a place to post pictures and updates for family and friends and morphed into something for me, a place to say whatever I wanted. Lately it's been a struggle to update it because somehow I started to feel like I had to censor everything I wanted to say because it could be taken the wrong way and offend someone. Sometimes I wrote about things that were really mis-interpreted and then the feedback I got in the comments made me feel worse than I had been feeling originally because the point hadn't gotten across at all, and likely I read to much into the comments that were made and it just all started to be to much and I started posting pictures and updates ad that was it. The thing is, I like being able to write things that other people think but would never say and I don't really want a blog like everyone else, because I am that way, always wanting to be cut from a different cloth...so I started thinking about tying it all up like a bow in a farewell post and walking away from it. Definitely, I have taken a step back from it to breathe and think about what I really want my blog to stand for. As most of you know, I don't believe in pretending to be what I'm not and I'm pretty random in my writing. I don't know what the future holds for this blog...I know that it will exist in some form, but I don't know if it will look like a scrapbook with pictures and updates about the kids and our family life...or if I'll get my groove and passion for writing candidly about life back and it will again be my outlet. I refuse to add disclaimers like the one I was about to mention about not being offended if you have a blog solely for the purpose of updating friends and family because I read your blog...I just also have a lot more to say over and above what cute things my kids did and I use this as a place to throw all the stuff that would otherwise clutter my mind and heart. I know not everyone can share all that stuff and probably I over share anyway, but it works so much better for me than bottling. Please know that every comment and click on my site is appreciated and validation that I have something to say and someone cares enough to read it. I think part of the struggle is if I write something and get no comments, I start to feel like it wasn't good, but I read updates on A LOT of blogs and rarely have time to comment so I bet that is the case with many readers here as well.....but I started to let that get to me a bit and started second guessing everything I was about to write, and then deciding you wouldn't like it and skipping it altogether. Anyway..it feels good to get that off my chest even if you guys are all rolling your eyes (Mariah :D) and I think doing that is what is ultimately going to be what gets me out of this funk.


Thanks you, Mariah :D

1) Are you really ready for 101 questions? sure...i'm putting off helping get the kids to bed :D
2) Was your last kiss a mistake? nope.
3) Do you believe in God? absolutely
4) Who did you last say I love you to? Archer
5) Do you regret it? definitely not.
6) What's your favorite BBQ'd food? chicken
7) Do you talk about your feelings or hide them? i'm pretty open.
8) Are you the same person as you were at the beginning of 2008? sure, with one more baby.
9) Are you eating? no.
10) How's your ex doing? no ex.
11) What did you last eat? chipotle
12) What are you listening to? jason rocking Archer
13) What cell phone service do you use? us cellular
14) How's the weather? humid
15) Do you have an attitude? pretty much always.
16) Have you ever been in love? of course
17) How much do you text? only when i have to.
18) Like reading? yep.
19) Ever felt replaced? yes...by "grandma"
20) Do you hate anyone at the moment? no
21) Twirl, or cut your spaghetti? twirl.
22) Who’s making you feel the way you are right now? wow. stupid question.
23) When was your last family reunion? Jason's last July, mine coming up in August.
24) Do you still have items that belong to your ex? No
25) How exactly are you feeling now? drained
26) Ever ate food in a car while someone or yourself is driving? uh, yeah...
27) Do you like anybody at the moment? i like people.
28) Do you have a best friend to lean on? yes, but i have a hard time doing that, actually.
29) Have you ever had a really big fight with a best friend? yes.
30) Are Barbie & Ken bad influences on people? no opinion.
31) Do you regret anything from your past? sure.
32) What are you listening to right now? Jason singing "you are my sunshine" to Archer.
33) Do you want to have kids? I want to keep all the kids I have :D
34) Ever kissed somebody who's name starts with an E? Yep.
35) Do you type fast? compared to Jason, I'm Speedy Gonzales.
36) Do you have piercings? ears
37) Want any more piercings? no
38) Can you spell well? yes.
39) What do you miss the most about your past? monthly massages.
40) What are you craving right now? nothing
41) Where were you doing Friday night? at the mall getting my hair trimmed...and the girl gave me such a good head massage and shampoo that i wanted to keep her. (also, mine was 5 minutes compared to Jason MAYBE 2..)
42) Do you know someone that has feelings for you? Jason feels me.
43) Does somebody love you? lots of people.
44) What were you doing at 1 AM this morning? sleeping
46) Where have you lived throughout your life? WI
47) Last time you cried? Today...I was at a funeral.
48) Do you think people talk about you? I know they do...I have people.
49) How many kids do you wanna have? 4
50) Did you kiss or hug anyone today? lots of people :D
51) Something you hate more than anything? lying....and fake people. really huge pet peeve.
52) Does the future make you more nervous or excited? excited.
53) What's on your wish list for your birthday? a trip to Italy?
54) What are your favorite colors? orange/green/brown/red
55) Do you have trust issues? nah...if I do't trust you, I don't tell you. Simple.
56) Have you ever had a pet fish? Yep.
57) Has anyone ever given you roses? yes
58) Where did you get the shirt you're wearing? Old Navy
59) Do you have strong feelings for the last person you texted? Hmm. probably.
60) Do you have a good relationship with your parents? yes.
61) Are you seeing or talking to somebody? nope.
62) Do you care what your ex thinks about you? No ex...but I pretty much care what people think of me, but not enough to change who I am for anybody.
63) Do you like filling out these long surveys or is it because you're bored? I'm a junkie.
64) Your last ex calls and wants to talk, do you? maybe.
65) Can you put on mascara without opening your mouth? yep.
66) Does your facebook password have to do with a girl? yes.
67) What was the last movie you watched, with? I don't remember.
68) Have you ever walked outside in the rain? yes. it was lovely :D
69) Do you think you are a good person? yes.
70) Do you believe everything happens for a reason? yes.
71) What did you do last night? played in the hammock in the rain.
72) Do you believe everyone deserves a second chance? for the most part.
73) What does your mouse pad look like? no mouse pad.
74) What brand of computer do you use? dell
75) Do you play the Wii? never
76) How do you feel about WalMart? Love it...cheapest around.
77) How are you? fine, thank you.
78) Who has inspired you the most? I'm inspired everyday, but probably my kids, as cliche as that sounds.
79) Last vehicle you were in? my van.
80) Last thing you spent money on? Chipotle
81) Are you mean? not usually.
82) Can you keep white shoes clean? yes
83) Do you believe in true love? yes.
84) Last funny thing that happened? hmm. I don't remember.
85) If you could change your eye color would you? no
86) Who has helped you, or convinced you to change? myself.
87) Who was the last person to make you mad? I'm over it, so it doesn't matter.
88) Do you like to be outside? love it. unless it's cold. or snowy.
89) Are you currently bored? yep.
90) What are you doing this weekend? Funeral, 2 Birthday parties, Meeting.
92) How many different countries have you been to? 1
93) Do you like celery? no
94) What makes you happy? basically everything. except liars and posers. and annoying stuff.
95) What's something you're excited about right now? going to bed
96) Do you ever turn your cell phone off? rarely.
97) Are you paranoid? occasionally.
98) Are you the kind of person who tells a person when you like them? yep.
99) Do you know anyone with such a terribly annoying voice? oh yes. shut up, you...
100) Do you like Subway? yes
101) You're going to die in five minutes, what do you do? pray


snapshot: special memories zoo~ july 2009

can you believe we didn't even take 1 family photo the entire trip...? we shall get better at this.


Vaction: Summer 2009 we went to a waterpark in the mix, but i didn't want my camera damaged or stolen so regrettfully, we have no pictures:(

The only picture of all 4 of them :D

Trae got this ball out of a machine...and started sucking on the hand and calling it "my nuk!"

Our laser tag team...we bad.

We convinced my mom to play and she was # 1.

Our condo.

Archer loves Trae lately. They are best buds.

We climbed rock walls.

Me after they coaxed me down. Initially I hadn't thought about how I was going to get down once I went up...so I tried climbing down and it didn't really work. I hate heights, but the competitive factor was stronger than my fear for heights. So I finally let go, and slammed into the wall because I was so freaked out I forgot to push back, and then I landed on my butt because I didn't focus and put my feet down. (This happened 2 out of 4 times)

You got 2 climbs, so I went with Jason the next time. Couldn't pass on the second climb, and it wasn't quite as scary.

chalk drawing of our family al a Erica.

Archer was at the door constantly. This isn't the picture I had envisioned, but when I was trying to execute the shot, he wasn't interested in the door anymore. Trae came up and was saying "Ah-cha, moooove!" and this is equally as cute as what I was trying to do.

another laser tag team picture.

greens vs. reds. somehow I came in 3rd both times, but was on the losing team.

I talked him into it...and then he was going to delete these pictures. I think they're adorable.

that's me way way up there. 46 feet into oblivion.

Elliot is afraid of heights. He went first and ended up crying. The guy had to list him down because he wouldn't let go. When my dad caught his breath from laughing so hard at my little freak out, he said "hmm, I wonder where Elliot gets it from?"

Brian and Erin made it out for a campfire with their boys...the kids had a blast. Trae called Ty "little boy" and asked him if "he liked this truck?" referring to my dad's power stroke.

the kids roasting marshmallows for s'mores.


I took the kids swimming with a friend of mine Monday and somehow managed to step on a nail in the pool, but luckily I have bones in my feet and that stopped the nail from going right through, because, wow. I told the lifeguard and he said "you did?" and just sat there...so I said "you think maybe you want to try and find it before someone else does?" So he scanned the pool until I limped by and then sat back down and continued letting people land right in the spot where the nail pierced my foot. It was gross, still makes me tense thinking about a nail going through my foot.

And then I remembered that I passed on my tetnus shot the last time she offered saying "I can get that IF something were to happen and still be good, can't I?"

Yep...for 48 hours. So I called yesterday just to make sure I needed the shot, and the last they have on record for me was in 1988...but I know I had one since then. I went in for it anyhow, and as soon as I made concrete plans to meet my mom there my stomach knotted and my body tensed. From there it went downhill. Everything the kids said agitated me and I just wanted them to stop asking me questions so I could breathe. The drive there was torture. No matter how I try NOT to think about needles piercing my skin, I keep seeing it puncture my bicep over and over. My foot throbs, and I think of the nail going through my foot and stopping when it hits the bone. I get nauseous. I break out in a cold sweat. I can't stop the scene with the needle going into my arm and then nail going into my foot. I focus on driving and we finally make it to the clinic. My stomach rolls. My stomach flips. My mom pulls in and I want to cry. I sit in my seat until the last minute when she comes to sit where I am sitting and watch the kids so I can get my shot in peace, without having to worry about freaking out in front of my kids. I walk in, knees weak. I'm shaking and still feel like I could throw up at any second. "Can I help you..?" the receptionist asks finally...I was waiting that one out, not voluntarily announcing I had come in for a tetnus shot. It takes forever for their machine to process my insurance card and I am getting more agitated with the dumb thing because now I just want this to be over. Finally she ushers me into the waiting room and I see a dirty man get up and leave his seat. I make an effort not to sit in his spot, and then sit in a chair with my eyes closed, swallowing and swallowing the heaves that want to make their way up my throat. Under my closed eyelids, everything is blinding white. I am focused on not throwing up, but I think at any second I am going to spew all over the waiting room, how unlady like. Just then, I hear my name. My stomach flips and drops and I stand up and try not to stagger. My knees are weak, and I try to focus on answering the questions the nurse has for me, but it's really hard because the fear of the needle really hinders coherent thoughts. She has me sit and says she'll be right back. I put my head down, I think I might pass out. She returns and gives me the vaccination sheet, and has me sign something. As I go to sign it, I see the shot with this huge needle in my line of vision and look away. I try to sign without seeing the orange syringe in my peripheral. She asks which arm. It doesn't matter, I say...which would you suggest? She says if it were her, she'd do the non-dominant arm, and good thing because every time I move that arm, I get a reminder of this whole awful ordeal. She asks me if I'm okay and I say no. "What?... did you say no?" "I'm going to need some time when it's done...just give me some time." She asks if I'm not good with shots and I say no, but I'm thinking "what was your first clue?" She suggests I get up on the exam table and lay down, that way they don't have to worry about picking me back up. I stand up and my legs feel like rubber. I shakily climb up and lay down, arm covering my eyes and then a tear runs down each cheek. Stop that, I think to myself, but it's not really a choice. I take deep breaths and wait, but she has to get another alcohol wipe because I may have collected germs walking from the chair to the table. Finally, she says "a little poke" and I brace myself. She tells me to try to relax, and she is very good at her job. I still don't like it, but it's over in a matter of seconds. She tells me to take as much time as I need and tells me if I don't come out within a few minutes, she'll come back to check on me. She exits. I can feel the shot flow into my body, and I think I might pass out. I hate that heavy feeling, like I couldn't lift my arm. It feels like dead weight. Breathe. My fingers tingle and go a little numb. Breathe. Here I go, I'm passing out. Breathe. breathe. breathe. The heaviness lifts and I wiggle my fingers. I feel queasy, but I sit up and feel blood rush to my cheeks. I stand on wobbly knees and step down. I know I am staggering a little, but I try my best to keep it unnoticeable. As I walk out, my nurse asks if I'm okay, and I tell her I am and thank her on my way out. She's very good at her job. I breathe fresh air as deep into my lungs as I can and walk back to the van where my mom asks how it went. "oh, it went" I say. Relief that it's finally over floods me and we head to Walmart for some things. I'm mostly okay for the rest of the day unless I bump the place where the needle went in. And so it goes, almost the exact way every time.


the gap

He lost it at breakfast...biting toast.


gifts for thugs

The first five people to respond to this post will get something made by me! My choice. For you. This offer does have some restrictions and limitations:

1. This is a must...leave your comment in thug speak, I only speak thug.
2. What I create will be just for you, and speak to your inner thug.
3. It'll be done this year, on my down time, when I'm not training my baby thugs.
4. You have no clue what it's going to be, but it will be thug-i-licious.
5. I reserve the right to do something extremely strange...well duh. Hello, the thug theme is strange, why wouldn't the thug-i-licious gift be strange?

The catch? Oh, the catch is that you must re-post this on your blog and offer the same to the first 5 people thugs who do the same on your blog. The first 5 people thugs to do so and leave a comment telling me they did win a fabulous homemade gift by me, and my inner thug. Oh, and be sure to post a picture of what your thug-i-licious gift you win when you get it.So....who will be the first 5 people thugs? does that work for you, Shannon...?

T..to the H...to the u!g!i!l!i!c!i!o!u!s! you tasty...okay, I'm amusing myself to much to come up with anymore hilarity.

~later thugs.

p.s. spell check recognizes "restrictions" as mispelled, but not the first stanza of my little thug song...dude, you suck.

mooned ya.

i figured this out all on my own thanks heather :D


My bad...

Alaina is the bomb.com, and I absent-mindedly forgot to link to her blog when I tagged her for calling me a harrasser, and I read her blog because she is my friend, but also because she witty and charming and clarifies tons of things for me, like what the heck LMAO, MUAH, & BYOB mean. She also helps me do simple tasks on my computer that I can't figure out on my own (and thinks it's cute..instead of thinking i'm a total moron), and is making me something (it's a secret) someday, and when she finally! sends me the thing to re-post, I will make you something as well (if you're one of the first 5 commenters and follow my blog...). Sorry Alaina, are you still going to watch the offspring Friday?? Seriously, I only forgot because I wasn't sleeping, and that was because I missed you and wondered how you were all the way in Montana...we need to talk.


p.s. I've been meaning to ask you...how do I put a line through something as if I'm crossing it out...? It's bothering me because I can't figure it out and I keep forgetting to google it.

Independance Day (weekend) Celebration in Rewind.

me and my sisters

Archer loves the sandbox.

my dad being adorable

my whole crew (minus archer) elliot was pulling brookelyn in the inner tube with his kayak.


I love this series of photos on the stairs.

Archer finally crashed out in the hammock and slept there by himself for about an hour.

a tie between this one and the one below of Brookelyn jumping off the dock for my favorite photo from the weekend.

loving on grandpa.


my birthday flip flops. i love them.

concentrating on walking.

me with Archer and Anya :)

Casey playing pretend.

love this one...



Tee second road sign i've seen with Archer in it...

Misty and AnyaBug

The Heyes family.

Stephen and Kristian.

photo by Jason..."my best photo ever..."


Elliot was making grass crowns and necklaces.
the adorable Erin

the bike jump came shortly after.


harley dudes

Erin loved the baby.

Erin...who Elliot and Brookelyn have taken to calling "Trae's girlfriend"

playing with the kitty.

when you gotta go, you gotta go....
We played at the beach and had a cookout with the Heyes family, and then the guys went on a fishing excursion ( a short one, sorry for interrupting) The kids played with chickens and cats, raced big wheels, and played with the train table, and then we all met back up at the fireworks.
The next day, we went to Kelberts and played in their lake, used their kayaks, and Jason went on a fishing excursion. (anyone sense a pattern here...?) We ate delicious food and lazed in the hammock and listened to Jamie play music and sing. Then we headed to Heathers for another potluck. We played in the sandbox, competitive games of lasso golf, and sat on top of a mountain for fireworks with swarms of lake flies buzzing.
On Sunday, we went to church and the family took naps while I looked for a cabin to rent for our vacation next week....and I finally found one and it's going to be fantastic! After gospel meeting, we had a bonfire at mom and dad's, went for a walk (just us girls), and watched rocket launches from our very own (parents) yard.
It was fun and exhausting and it took me forever to post about it because, well, did you see all those photos...? I have plenty more that will be going on the photoblog soon, and I love my new lens. The end.
**my spell checker is a male....know how I know...? Well, it's because it marked 2 words as misspelled, and then suggested I spell them the exact same way I had them spelled, and I was like "dude, hello....I already thought of that, but thanks."
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