the picture wall...the one that looks like it has a problem, does have a problem. yes i measured, but the weight of the one side of the frame keep pulling that side down. this is going to bother my dad when he comes over...he hates crooked pictures. i'm happy with it for now, even though the crooked thing will bother me as well.

the kids pictures finally back on the wall in the living room. archers really needs to be updated again, and then this one will go on the picture wall.

our engagement picture, circa 2000...we were engaged my senior year in high school. all the girls drooled over this picture and wanted ones like it with their boyfriends. i hung this one in our room above one of the dressers. i scrap booked all our wedding pictures, but i have the negatives so i think i may have one blown up again and hang it above the other dresser.

i hung this one near our claw foot tub..taken circa 2001 on a trip to door county when we got back from our honeymoon.


Sam said...

You guys look so young in the old fashion pic!!! Crazy how OLD we are now...j/k:)

I remember the first time I seen the engagement pic, I was one of the girls drooling, still want one like that btw.:)

Sam said...

Also, love the wall collage, the curtains and my fav is the kids 4 in a row like that, love it. Cannot wait to see it all in person Sunday!

Ben, Heather & kids said...

love your pictures! (we did an 'old-fashion' picture on our honeymoon, now we need a family one)

Heather T said...

great job on the pics! can't wait to see it all!:0)

Jeanine said...

I think all the family pictures and picture of you kids are great on the walls. Love the couple of you and Jason when you are younger. Not that your old now!! :)

Lindsay said...

just a note... i found a blog you might be interested in: iamglutenfree.blogspot.com. there's stuff there for subbing wheat-free flours in recipes and all. madi's got some skin issues that might be related to either wheat, dairy or eggs, so i'm looking into other alternatives for wheat. hope you can find something useful! :)

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