our weekend in photographs

I was about to apologize for posting so many pictures...but then I got to thinking about how life passes us by so quickly. I wanted to do a post that encompassed our weekend because it's the most fulfilling weekend we've had in a long time. It was just us, which doesn't happen often, and although it's nice to be with family and friends, it was special to be just us for a change. If not for pictures, how many little details of our lives would actually stick as memories? How detailed would the memories be when we think back on them 20, 30, 40 years from now? It really is the simple little things that truly bring joy, and here is a little re-cap of our little weekend just being us.

Friday Afternoon Photo Shoot...

**more up on my photo blog soon.

Friday night out with Alaina, a great friend....I didn't actually take my camera, but this is the product of our pedicures. It was fun to meet up with Heather for a little while as well:) I had so much fun harrassing the waiter and security gaurds into singing to her and taking pictures with her for her "birthday" which is really in March. Thanks for a great date, girl...so so fun!

This is the fortune I got the other day. Indeed. I hope my family is always my top priority, because really? What else is there?

These are my favorite photos in a long time. I love them. My baby boy asleep in the swing...I woke up late on Saturday and he was fast asleep while daddy worked on the lawn and his siblings played all around him.

...I moved him inside, he was really impressed.
***more to be added to the photo blog soon!
Saturday afternoon family water fight. So so so much fun!

I'll admit I hid behind the baby some :)

oh my, how I love this little smile.

Elliot taunting me...and me saying "Doooon't, I have the baby!"

these eyes.

I happened to click the shutter just as he popped the balloon in his own face.

Elliot's shorts fell down as he was fleeing the wrath of Brookelyn!

a force to be reckoned with.
I worked in our flower beds...




I split that big huge hosta from the first pictures into all these little ones.
Then, we decided to go disc golfing....my very first time!


....a boo!

Archer and I...Jason did quite a few of us and I love them because I don't have a lot of pictures with the kids.

not afraid of anything...

gummy chicken feet for a treat.

I almost didn't post this one...BUT, look at me...just like a little kid.

how he loves his daddy.

Archer loved the slide....

we all did.

I love these action shots of him, always on a mission.

Our princess had a t-ball game on Sunday.

Sometimes I'm sure he's thinking "mom, get a life with the stupid picture taking already"

Sunday night, the kids wanted to sleep in the blind....

the 4 of them :)

sacked out...where they stayed all night long.

my baby walking along the deck...


Amos said...

Great pictures it looks like you had a nice weekend.

Heather T said...

LOVE the pics! how adorable...the ones of u and archer are awesome...u look so pretty and of course, he is just a cutie:0) looks like u had an awesome time as a family...:0)

Tim and Melissa said...

Adorable pictures, Amber! By the way...I got a good laugh from the one of the ones of Elliot...the school says he's at risk for "being overweight", yet you can count every rib on the kid! hahahahahaha

Ben, Heather & kids said...

love them all!

Neisha said...

love all the pictures!!

ruth said...

never too many pictures..all were great!

Lindsay said...

fun!! glad you let jason take some of you and the kids... mommies never get photgraphed with their little ones enough. my excuse to avoid them is because i don't need another ten pounds added to what i've already got (you know, what the camera adds...). anyway, sweet photos!! :)

Shannon said...

you look hot and you totally rock those rain boots.

Sam said...

yeah she rocks those rain boots!!! As she did on Sunday tballin it! Adorable pics as usual!:)

NanaK said...

What awesome pictures and memories!......and you look great, Amber!! I know I told you b/4, but I'll tell you again....you have a sweet, little family! ;)

Duey and Kandace said...

I loved looking at your pictures:) Our weekend was sort of the same- we didn't do anything but work in the yard, but had a very special weekend just the two of us together.
On a side note=I love your eyes- they are beautiful!

Mindy said...

love the black & white water fight photos! i keep forgetting to ask, what'd you think of trader joe's?

Lindsay said...

re: your comment on my post... good for you, that rocks!! i'm scared i'll be stuck at a 5-lb weight loss forever. :) the wheat-free part is definitely the hardest, especially when you eat out. there's not a lot of options, period. take breakfast, for example: this morning i had rice chex and water. yum. i did find some frozen waffles that had no wheat or dairy, but they're kinda spendy so it'll have to be a treat. oh, chocolate syrup (the hershey's kind, in the plastic bottle) is wheat- and dairy-free, in case you were wondering! keep up the good work... :)

Amber said...

@ everyone: Thanks for the comments on the pics and everything:)

@ Melissa: I had that exact thought..the kids eats costantly, I swear!

@ Shannon: Thanks...you made my day:)

@ Kandace: you are sweet, thank you;)

@ Mindy: I loved Trader Joes...I wish we had one close.

@ Lindsay: Thanks:) I bought the waffles from Trader Joes, but haven't tried them yet. Maybe tomorrow for breakfast.

Anonymous said...

I had an awesome time too! I adore the pics!

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