I <3 this.

Brookelyn is such a darling big sister.

For instance, she lats Trae pull her hair until he goes to sleep...

...which happened quickly, even before I could put a diaper on after his bath.

The kid loves sleep...after diapering him, he slept for a few hours.

Trae started crying and came to me looking like this...

...and I was like "what happened?"
He said "uck, mom....pen ucky"
The only mess was on him.

I went out for my birthday with some great friends of mine...actually, the middle girl, it was her birthday too, so we rode the bull together. I had a blast girls, and thanks for the delicious steak dinner!


Ben, Heather & kids said...

Trae makes me laugh :)

Jeff & Aleigh said...

Adorable pictures!! Glad that was just pen and not blood on Trae!!

Ben, Kara, Taylor and Hailey said...

yeah, that almost looks like blood a little. yuck! poor guy. if that was texas roadhouse, you gotta love that place!

Mike & Tonya said...

Happy Birthday!! Glad you had a great time.

Sam said...

Your SO welcome:)

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