scenes from a birthday day

When my mom brought my cake out the first time, the wind blew every last candle out in one fell swoop...when I tried blowing them out, it took around 3 blows, but I think I was just winded from laughing :D Ice cream cake is the bomb.

I also got money toward a new lens for my camera which should be here hopefully by the weekend...and chocolate, and a Tiger Lily for my flower bed.

The boys both wanted to ride the lawn mower, so we worked it out.


It's been a trying week to say the least. Without going into to much detail, it has been one of the toughest weeks for me in a long while and I am exhausted, but I can't sleep. I love how that works out. I'm not trying to belly ache about my overly full plate at all, but I just feel very overwhelmed on top of having a handful of kids to deal with 24/7. I've said and done things this week out of frustration that I am not proud of and I just decided to take a step back and really think about which battles I'm willing to fight.

I logged onto a blog that I frequent about a little boy named Nathan who died very shortly after he was born. He was supposed to turn one this week, and his mommy made a video for him that I took a peek at tonight and it really made me ashamed. I get to tuck each one of my kids in at night and kiss their little faces and tell them how much I love them. I get to listen to their little stories and questions and jokes. I get to watch them grow and change and learn new things. I get their kisses on my cheek and their hands in mine. I'll have millions of stories to tell about them, like the case of bottled water they dumped over their heads today to cool down. In the grand scheme of things, will $3.47 really make a difference? It was one of those things where I stood there shocked...and then told them they had to replace it with money from their piggy banks, which I think is a good thing to teach them, but to really let it sour my day? A little over the top.

I have to learn to take a step back more often when I am tired and overwhelmed and frustrated and just look at the entire picture and decide if the thing that could potentially cause so much frustration for the entire day is really that epic that I should let it, because there are many many things that happen that a lesson could be taught and we could move on, but instead I let it aggravate me the entire day.

I don't know if I've even gotten the point across that I was trying to make...and I'm to tired to proof read and clarify if I haven't. I feel a bit like I've been rambling...the main thing is that I am taking the time to pay attention to what really matters.


Dear Mom~

I think I vaguely remember almost everything I touched spilling when I was little...it's payback time. I grew up to have a daughter just like me!


My poor little guy ended up with a big owie on his lip last night...Brookelyn had put him in a laundry basket and was playing peek-a-boo with him while I was doing a load of laundry. I figured it was relatively safe, and that it would actually contain him until I was done. Well, he ended up standing up and leaning forward, tipping the basket (and himself) over on the hard wood floor. I felt terrible of course, especially as his lip swelled more and bled more. I thought I was going to have to call my mom to come because even though there wasn't much blood, I was getting light headed and faint. I sat with him in the chair and we rocked and eventually we made it. His gums are black and blue on the opposite side of where his top tooth came through, so I'm hoping he didn't damage that tooth. His lip is still a little swollen today, but only about 1/4 of what it was last night. Poor baby.
*I do realize he has boogers, but his lip was so swollen I couldn't tell if he'd hurt his nose as well and didn't think he'd enjoy me digging boogers out just to take pictures of his little camel pout.


Summer Styles

Elliots been asking for a mohawk since before his christmas concert...

It's all his fault. ***edited

I can't believe I forgot these the first time around...this is the moment he realized he was going on the blog. I think he's saying "...whatever...."

and then he tried to get in through the window, and when that didn't work, he tried pulling this window shield removing maneuver, to which I asked "what, you can just remove the wind shields to get in...?" He thinks i'm hilarious.
I did get an official statement on why he locked the keys in the car after I got the video camera out, but I don't know how to upload videos from that camera, and besides I look more like an idiot on it than he does:)

Long story short: We ate in the car and everyone hopped out. I assumed he had the keys because he drove, hit the lock button and slammed the door. Then I realized that I forgot the video camera and asked him to open it again. He said they were in it, pretending to pat his pockets, but the look on his face was more of a "at least I hope they are...where ARE they?"
Well, they were in the van, along with the other set that was in my handbag, and my cell phone. I told him he better go find a phone to borrow, but he didn't because (after asking him what he was waiting around for) he "thought I might know somebody. In other words, he just didn't want to ask a complete stranger to borrow the phone, and I'm better at those awkward things, so he passed the buck to me. I suppose I should know how he hates this stuff by now and just volunteer off the bat...so I did. I was like "you know what, I got this...." So I walked up to some very friendly dude with a mullet and he said it "was all mine" like he was nervous or something. Luckily in Clintonville, the police open cars for free...so I called my friend for the number and then the police.

This is me grinning and bearing it while waiting against the fence for the policeman. Also, I know I look like a moron in this picture, so heres me looking like a moron :)

I have to admit I got a little bored waiting...but he showed up relatively fast.

He had it opened in 25 seconds or less....

....and was on his way. I didn't have to miss even one second of his very last game of the season:)


proof of a tooth (enlarge to see actual proof!)

the top bugger that just cam e through today.

2 on the bottom...one from last week, the other from today as well.

...and this one looks like he's saying "look, I finally have some teeth!"

I <3 this.

Brookelyn is such a darling big sister.

For instance, she lats Trae pull her hair until he goes to sleep...

...which happened quickly, even before I could put a diaper on after his bath.

The kid loves sleep...after diapering him, he slept for a few hours.

Trae started crying and came to me looking like this...

...and I was like "what happened?"
He said "uck, mom....pen ucky"
The only mess was on him.

I went out for my birthday with some great friends of mine...actually, the middle girl, it was her birthday too, so we rode the bull together. I had a blast girls, and thanks for the delicious steak dinner!


The other day, Brookelyn came inside to tell me that "Trae's stuck..he climbed up da side of da play house and he can't git down. And mom...? Trae bit me. I was tryin' ta yank him over to da hole, an he wouldn't git over there...and then he jist bit me."

So when I went out to rescue the little guy, I saw this, and had to run back in for the camera first....

He looked scared when I first came out there...he had this look like "is anyone going to come help me...?"

This is the giant baby view...I was standing below ready to get him down.
...and I had to snap a picture of Elliot's outfit. He dressed himself...or not. Either way, he was trying to dodge the camera so I couldn't take pictures of him in his underwear.


Bullets, because seriously, I can't even begin to form a coherent sentence, much less try to write neat little paragraphs.

  • Hahahaaaa. My kids are driving me insane! Every time I turn around theres another huge mess to clean up. Every time I blink theres someone tattling. Everytime I breath theres someone requesting food or drink, and every time my heart beats the baby cries again.
  • Which reminds me....all you natural healing people, because I'm new at this: Archer has a double ear infection. My natural path told me to use Silver orally and 2 drops in his ear every 4 hours for 2 days. When I called her again, she said to keep doing it if I didn't see improvement, and we added Mullein Oil in the ear for pain (once in the morning, once at night) and Lavender Oil behind the ear for pain as needed. We are on day 7....he still tugs at his ear and screams when I put anything in it. I have an antibiotic prescription sitting at the pharmacy, but the 3 rounds we've done prior didn't help either....so, any suggestions? (I should add that I put the oil behind and in the ear when he was pulling on it and fussing and he went right to sleep)
  • The other thing is....he cut his first tooth on Tuesday (bottom right) and I think the other one is trying to come through as well, so maybe the crankiness is associated with that as well?
  • Oh, and while we're on the topic of my little buckaroo...he seems to be losing interest in nursing. I swear he bucks the system every chance he gets. (wonder who he takes after?) If I go to put him in his car seat or highchair, he stiffens out and then relaxes and sits happy as can be...but he has to have his mini protest first. He's walking around the furniture now, but refuses to crawl still. He scoots on his bottom...rolls...gets on all fours and then sits back on his butt, but refuses to crawl. I know he CAN crawl, I've seen him...but he just won't. We need to get one of those walk behind toys...he loves to walk. And like, really, I have nothing better to do than walk him around the house/yard all day...
  • I'm having a garage sale!...that is, if I can ever get over the sheer horror at beginning to sort/price all.that.stuff. There is tons and tons and tons of stuff to go, and we have one teeny tiny garage thats mostly full of power wheels and chickens and unpainted furniture.
  • We have 11 birds now, and we'll be getting 9 more soon. Nikki brought some from the zoo that they didn't want, and will bring the rest when they get to big for the petting zoo. We shall have fresh eggs...and fresh meat? The kids of course don't want to eat them, but obviously we won't be whacking their heads off with them looking on anyway. (Nikki, you can skip this part) Chicken is our meat of choice, and if we can have free range, why not?
  • Tonight we have a date! We were offered free tickets to go with a group of our friends to a comedy club, and that's probably just what I need to shake out all this pent up frustration.


our weekend in photographs

I was about to apologize for posting so many pictures...but then I got to thinking about how life passes us by so quickly. I wanted to do a post that encompassed our weekend because it's the most fulfilling weekend we've had in a long time. It was just us, which doesn't happen often, and although it's nice to be with family and friends, it was special to be just us for a change. If not for pictures, how many little details of our lives would actually stick as memories? How detailed would the memories be when we think back on them 20, 30, 40 years from now? It really is the simple little things that truly bring joy, and here is a little re-cap of our little weekend just being us.

Friday Afternoon Photo Shoot...

**more up on my photo blog soon.

Friday night out with Alaina, a great friend....I didn't actually take my camera, but this is the product of our pedicures. It was fun to meet up with Heather for a little while as well:) I had so much fun harrassing the waiter and security gaurds into singing to her and taking pictures with her for her "birthday" which is really in March. Thanks for a great date, girl...so so fun!

This is the fortune I got the other day. Indeed. I hope my family is always my top priority, because really? What else is there?

These are my favorite photos in a long time. I love them. My baby boy asleep in the swing...I woke up late on Saturday and he was fast asleep while daddy worked on the lawn and his siblings played all around him.

...I moved him inside, he was really impressed.
***more to be added to the photo blog soon!
Saturday afternoon family water fight. So so so much fun!

I'll admit I hid behind the baby some :)

oh my, how I love this little smile.

Elliot taunting me...and me saying "Doooon't, I have the baby!"

these eyes.

I happened to click the shutter just as he popped the balloon in his own face.

Elliot's shorts fell down as he was fleeing the wrath of Brookelyn!

a force to be reckoned with.
I worked in our flower beds...




I split that big huge hosta from the first pictures into all these little ones.
Then, we decided to go disc golfing....my very first time!


....a boo!

Archer and I...Jason did quite a few of us and I love them because I don't have a lot of pictures with the kids.

not afraid of anything...

gummy chicken feet for a treat.

I almost didn't post this one...BUT, look at me...just like a little kid.

how he loves his daddy.

Archer loved the slide....

we all did.

I love these action shots of him, always on a mission.

Our princess had a t-ball game on Sunday.

Sometimes I'm sure he's thinking "mom, get a life with the stupid picture taking already"

Sunday night, the kids wanted to sleep in the blind....

the 4 of them :)

sacked out...where they stayed all night long.

my baby walking along the deck...
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