Update: She's safe and with her family again :)

....runaway. An ongoing search is going on as we speak. I don't have a lot of information, but I feel like if I can get what details I do know out there maybe someone will recognize her and get her back to her family.
Sydni was last seen Sunday afternoon in Wisconsin Rapids around Lake Wazeecha carrying her guitar case. Police have not intervined as of yet, as she is classified as a runaway. Her family believes she just wanted to "go into the woods..find a stream....be alone." If you can help with the anything please call Jaime White 715-321-1261...Furniture Studio 715-325-7225...or Dave Ramsden 715-459-3009.
Thank you for your help!
Update: The police are finally helping...read the article here.


Darcie said...

Thank you for sharing. The hardest thing for those parents probably is that fact that the police only want to classify it as a runaway.

Maggie May said...

That is horrible. I hope they find her today.

Heather T said...

Glad they found her!:0)

Ben, Heather & kids said...

What a relief!!!!!!!
So glad to hear!

Darcie said...


Lis A. said...

I was so happy to hear from them saying they found her!!! So scarry! Makes me appreciate my friends and family so much!!! <3

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