I cannot help it...I can't resist pictures of them sleeping peacefully side by side.

Trae fell asleep helping mow the lawn.

Anya came for a few hours yesterday..she is holding a tulip, but she was more interested in eating it than anything. (of course she didn't...don't worry)

My little blond guy:)


Michelle said...

That big guy is your little baby?! He's grown so much since I saw him last fall!

And my brother used to fall asleep when we'd go snowmobiling - Trae sleeping like that on the mower reminded me of that.

Sam said...

LOVE the pic of the boys sleeping, thats a framer:)

Ben, Heather & kids said...

I agree with Sam. Love the 1st one. (Actually all of them..)

Mindy said...

does archer sleep with trae at night? just curious what other ppl do about their babies. where they sleep etc.

Amber said...

Mindy: No...this is actually in the morning after they both ended up in our bed;)

Heather T said...

cute pics!:0)

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