Those with small children, please take the time to read this:

I was reading my favorite blog...please go read for yourself.


Not That Different

I'm heartbroken and realize that we all love our children and would never intentionally hurt them, but we are not invincible.


anymommy said...

Thank you. It is devastating, but it's good to have these things in your mind I think. Hopefully, it will ensure that it never, ever happens to us.

I'm so glad you told me about the links - I had never visited this blog before, I always go to the letters to your beautiful babies!

Jeff & Aleigh said...

I've heard of that happening and it scares me to NO end!! i can't even imagine how you could cope with something like that!! Those poor, poor parents!!

Lindsay said...

i can't imagine... it makes me panic just reading about it because none of us are perfect and we all have forgotten really important things when we get super-busy. my heart goes out to those parents! thanks for sharing!

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