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As I mentioned, Jason will be out of town all week. Yesterday was the perfect day to run out of milk, because there was no way I could put off getting more until he returned. That meant that I had to load all the kids up and take them with me. My parents are on a cruise, so I couldn't drop them off there for a break if I needed one.

We made it into Walmart and Festival Foods and back home and the kids were great. We did it in roughly an hour, so maybe that's the trick? Go fast before they have time to rebel....

I bought chocolate milk, and they were all begging for some, so as I'm getting cups out for everyone, I hear a very odd noise...like gluggluglug....and then see the gallon of chocolate milk in a puddle on the floor. Trae was just watching and saying "choca-mewk, mom, choka-mewk peassss." I grabbed it and did preserve some, and then I asked Trae why he did that. (I believe it was a body slam of some type) and he looked up at me and said "cuz....choca-mewk, mom. Peasss....?"
It was cute.


Aaron & Cassie said...

Adorable! Just wanted to let you know that your "baby" is no longer a "baby" to Lias. He loves looking at "baby," but this morning, he saw the picture of Archer and said "boy!" Sad that they grow up so fast, huh? (although, Archer is still definitely a baby!)

Neisha said...

ah, cute

Lindsay said...

awww, little kids are so cute when they talk! hmmm, sounds like your chocolate milk experience ended up a lot like my iced coffee experience last week... how are you surviving?

Amber said...

Well, one day down....you?

Ryan Ashley Scott said...

Haha! I'm finding that those body slams just have to come out somehow. What, was he suppose to just WAIT on it or something? :)

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