I realized I forgot to post pictures from the circus...anyhow, Jason just asked Trae what his favorite part was. (1 week later). He said the elephants. Jason asked if he rode the elephant and he said "no....much money!" $10 a person to ride an elephant...I was bitter because I wanted to ride an elephant.


Ben, Heather & kids said...

Cute Trae! When we go to Walmart, we sometimes let them pick out 'something'... Benji is the 'pensive' patrol kid.. He'll take their selection to me or Ben and ask if this is 'too 'pensive' for him?! :0

Neisha said...

isn't it crazy how expensive the circus is?!?! Well, actually, anything that has to do with kids is $$!

Helen said...

That's why it is always best to go to the circus with the lovely and way to generous Julie B. who loves to spoil all the little kids she goes to mtg with. Plus she likes to ride elephants also :)

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