random pictures and farewell.

...and we're off. (5pm) Wish us luck as we make the 17 hour trip to Georgia.
Brookelyn loves picking out her own clothes

My hair cutting operation last week.
watching Trae in the shower.
Starting to sit up already


Jeff & Aleigh said...

Have a VERY safe trip and enjoy your time there!! We'll be expecting LOTS of pictures when you return!! ;o)

Sam said...

Those pjs Archer has on are ADORABLE! Or maybe its just how cute he is, that makes the jams that cute! Have fun, be safe and like I said before, enjoy yourself! Love ya!

namaste said...

SOOOO Adorable! Have a great, fun trip!

Ryan Ashley Scott@Optimistic Cynicism said...

Have fun and be safe! Cute pics.

Burchibunch said...

Safe travels. Have fun. And good luck in the car for 17 hours!

Heather said...

Have a great trip!!

Lindsay said...

cute pics!! have a safe trip, good luck! can't wait to see pics when you get back... :)

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