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My 17 year old sister, Erica, made up a song yesterday....

Grandpa is a nerd!
He smells like a turd!
Every time he turns around
He poops out a bird!
....and then she proceeded to teach it to my kids, who have been belting it out at the tops of their lungs with glee.
Yesterday after church, we had a potluck at my parents house. After lunch, all the kids were playing down in the playroom (supposedly) while the adults socialized upstairs. Elliot came running up the steps yelling "MOM! MOM!! Look what I found in the bedroom!!" I turned to see him swinging a man-thong around in his hand....a black sparkly man-thong. deep breath...
Laughter ensued from all our guests, or rather my parents guests, and we decided we better come clean with the story.
When we had our family get-together at New Years, we played Bingo. My mom wrapped up the underwear as a gag gift with a few other things. All of us women knew what it was, and the plan was to act like we wanted it, and make our husbands steal it from each other so we could have it. My brother-in-law, Tony ended up with the package that was all gussied up in a Victoria's Secret bag. When he found out what the most sought after prize was, he plotted and put the thong, along with the matching sausage, under the pillow in our room. Jason found the sausage, but not the underwear. He put the sausage back into Tony's bag (and received it back as his birthday gift), and the underwear apparently have been under the bed in that room since.
The other day, Erica asked Brookelyn if she was to describe herself as something, what would it be...? Brookleyn said "Probably, like, a human being!" Erica laughed of course, and said to Brookelyn that she didn't know she knew what described meant and Brookelyn said "well I do."
I had an awesome time on Saturday having lunch with someone over the age of 6, if you mom's can imagine that, and shopping for gifts and things for our trip. Jason was great, he even told me that I should take my time, everyone was doing fine at home. He also made us breakfast (pancakes on Saturday, Oatmeal on Sunday) all weekend and washed up lots of wash that needs to be folded and/or packed for our trip, which I'll be doing today.


The Panic Room said...

hilarious gag gift story.

How did Grandpa feel about this song? Any truth to the lyrics? birds huh

Amber said...

Panic: My dad always sang:

Amber is a nut, she smells like a butt, everytime she turns around she goes putt putt....so it was a play on that. My Dad and my sister both have a tendency to make up songs that rhyme, or switch lyrics to the same tune of other songs to make it their own.

Amber said...

On second thought, the song went:

Amber is a nut, she's got a rubber butt, everytime she turns around she goes putt putt!

Heather T said...

I would have LOVED to have seen your dad's face when the underwear came out of hiding!!;0) That is hilarious!! Saturday was nice...we'll have to do that again sometime!;0)

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