So I drank an espresso drink last night around 8....apparently it affected the baby because I (he) was up at 9,10,11,12,2,3,&7. Here are my adorable nieces in there ponytails, that's all I've got for you today.


Night in Shining Armour

I must start off by warning that the munchkin was up every 2-17 minutes last night and I can't be held responsible for sloppy incoherent writing, and I'm not sure that I can give an accurate account of the incident I'm about to disclose what with my possible PTSD from it.

So we made our way home from bible study and joked and discussed and the kids fought like they normally do. We pulled into our driveway, which was glare ice from all the rain we had on top of the melting snow. I hopped out in my cute springy wedges and almost fell directly on my tush. Jason told me wait a second before getting the baby out, and I was all "why....it's freezing out?" and he said the van was slipping a little. We waited and the van wasn't slipping a little, and I proceeded once again to get the little guy out and get in the house before my toes froze off because it wasn't spring after all. I flung open the door and the van started to slide backwards down the driveway. Jason was on the other side getting Trae out, and like any white night would, jumped back into the van and put the brake on and saved all the kids, while I backed away and stood there like an idiot. I was actually telling him to just move, which was really dumb because you wouldn't really want the kids rolling down the driveway in the van. So yeah, I thought that was hot. Once the van settled, he lifted each of my children to safety in case it started to slide again...oh, wait they're his kids too.....doesn't matter, it made me weak in the knees to see him rescue the kids, and save us from yet another (read 3rd) $500.00 deductible in a year. Maybe I'll make him steak for dinner.
***the picture is dark, but the butt end of the van should be pointing directly into the sun. Seems it slid a little more while we slumbered and slept.
I decided since this blog is likely my new scrapbook, I'm going to start adding snippets of what the kids say, so they can read it someday and laugh their behinds off like we did.
Snippet: Elliot is the Spectacle Nazi, so anytime he catches Brookelyn without her glasses on, he tells her to get them on and if she doesn't, he tattles.
The other day, she wasn't wearing them when we were out for a walk. They were walking behind us and I heard him say "Brookelyn if you don't start wearing your glasses, you're gonna get a crazy eye!!" She was all "Elliot...no I'm not, and it's a LAZY eye, not a crazy eye..."
My parents are officially on vacation, they left last night. Yesterday out of the blue, Brookelyn came out of her room just sobbing. I asked her what was wrong ( I'm scared she's never going to tell me a thing because she flat out refuses to tell me why she's crying and I have no idea why) and she just keeps wailing. I finally ask if it that grandma's leaving for awhile and she nods her head and wipes her snot and continues crying on and off through out the next hour. I was IM-ing with my sister who was at my moms, so I thought I'd be all sneaky and have my mom call at just the moment Brookelyn was thinking about her and being sad. Well, call she did, and then Brookelyn refused to talk to her. She ended up calming down enough to call her back, but this morning she burst into tears again and got Archer all sad. Seems he's at the stage where he gets sad when others get sad. Or...maybe it was just that she was wailing in his face. Hmm, I suppose I could ask him later.


playing dress-up.

my kids decided to play dress-up today. first brookelyn came out in my swimming suit top, which made me think of nicole richie...i had to go into my room for something, and as i walked in brookelyn was stretching my thong underwear, i think trying to figure out what to do with it, exactly. i scared her and she shot it against the wall, which was pretty hilarious. incidentally all my belts/hats/underwear/lingerie are scattered across the bedroom floor. think victoria's secret would take trae on as a model...? i have to say he makes this hat even cuter than i do ;0)

stomping blind through the house.

I think I was losing my mind a little yesterday. I was sick with a sinus headache and a tight chest with an occasional cough or sneeze thrown in which was brutal on the chest. Anyway, I took Mucinex, the same bottle I used when I was trying to be "more fertile" way back when we were having issues with that. The idea is that is thins your secretions, thus creating a more fertile environment. The point I make by telling you that is the stuff works and all day I was dripping snot at random times on my arms and elsewhere.

I decided some rest might help, so I laid down with my boys. (Brookelyn was @ grandmas, Elliot was @ school) I was just drifting into a peaceful sleep when my cell rang. I sat up, and realized Trae wasn't where he'd been when we drifted off together. I catapulted blind through my house to try to get the phone, which stopped ringing the minute I laid my hands on it. I didn't take time to grab my glasses, obviously, so I'm trying to look for my boy in each room as I called his name, but it was like a big smear and he didn't answer me. I ran back into our room and checked the closet and just as I was getting frantic, I pulled my glasses on and see the little stinker curled up on the floor next to our bed. It's amazing I didn't tromp on him in an effort to answer my phone. He had his little drill curled up tightly in his hand and his head was right on our heat vent. I remember now telling him to quit with the drill...

I was mistaken in thinking Elliot had a 1/2 day, as he does almost every other Wednesday. Eventually I had to get in the shower and get the boys ready for my dad's birthday party. The idea was that when Elliot came home at 2:30, I'd get up and get ready. I woke at 3:15 p.m. and started calling his name. I hopped up and out of bed, without my glasses and ran to the mudroom to see if his stuff was there, which it wasn't. (because it was only Tuesday) I ran to his room thinking he'd probably fallen asleep, but he wasn't there and neither was his backpack or coat. I looked at the school calendar with squinted eyes and sure enough it was a 1/2 day...so where was he.....? I got to the panicky mode again, thinking he'd thought I wasn't home (which would make sense because Jason had the van, and the car broke last week so there were no vehicles here) I'm not sure when I got my act together and realized it was Tuesday, but all was well once again after that.

I feel worse today than yesterday, I have a migraine on top of it all. When Trae woke up, he found me and wanted to sit on my lap as usual. We were discussing important things like hammers and drills and tape measures. (no mention of the nuk this morning!) I was just commenting on a blog, when I felt a very odd trickle down my legs. I thought for a moment to make sure I wasn't peeing down my leg, and checked to see if he was dumping his "coffee" in my lap. Come to find out, HE peed down MY legs...which is crap because it says on the box 22-37 pounds and theres no way it weighed that.

hardy har.

Shortly thereafter a certain other diaper clad bush monkey pooped all up his back, and that got on my arm....It's a messy world in these parts.


The Replacements

refusing to smile for me. beep meyas and amma. (tape measure & hammer)

I need some sunshine.

I think the eternity of winter is getting to me. If you haven't already noticed, I'm going through a funk and can't even write a cohesive blog post.

My sister said I should buy tanning minutes, but then I worry I'll die of skin cancer some day and my kids will blame my vanity, and plead with my post mortem body to come back...they still loved me when I was pale.

I'm tired of this crap economy and constantly hearing America is headed for ruin, because I for one don't want to be included in that. It just sounds bad...America in ruin.

Trae has been off his nuk for 36 hours and counting...

.....and I've been wondering if anyone else feels like blogging is another popularity contest?


My Dad shot a Kudu in Africa once upon a time and has it hanging above his mantle alongside and Impala and a Blest Buck. Last night Trae was playing this game where he threw his (beloved) Nuk up in to the air over and over and over. Wouldn't you know it the old Kudu got sick of it and gobbled it up...? We waited a good hour to see if he would puke it out, but our request was met with bitter refusal. We left with a promise that if he "buuuked" it up, "gamma" would bring it to us. Grandpa also promised to spank him, and Mommy tried to reach in and get it (although she was about 3 feet short of even reaching his mouth) and the Kudu attacked her and she was forced to hop around the room dramatically for impact. The theatrics were amazing...

Although someone said we'd cave, we didn't. Even when we walked out to the van and there was an identical nuk to the one stuck in the, ahem, kudu's throat. He went to sleep without it, albeit with much begging and pleading. He slept through the night peacefully in his crib. This morning he asks for it, and when I remind him the kudu ate it, he says "noooo" and sadly looks at the floor.

He's probably just playing me.


This morning Jason took the kids pheasant hunting with my dad. Brookelyn didn't have long johns, so Elliiot borrowed her a pair of his. Jason asked Elliot what he'd do if her butt smell got on them if a fart squeaked out, and then took it a notch further and said she forgot to put underwear on. Elliot quickly replied "she can just have those...!"

Brookelyn is hilarious. She is at that stage where whatever she'd thinking is written all over her face. Last might we stopped for ice cream with my parents for my dad's birthday. Two girls walked by dressed in pom pom attire, but they both had big bows on the top of there head. Brookleyn looked at them and you could tell she was thinking "nice bow..." and then laughed until tears were streaming down her face.

Then this morning when Jason was walking around in flannel pj pants tucked into thick hunting socks and crocs, you could see her cringe. Then he changed into under armour and put flannel sweats over the top and hiked them up really high...sorta like my dad used to do...and my sister. She'd pull her sweats up and chase me around the house and it freaked me right out, but thats a story for another day...anyway, it was weird to remember being her age and thinking my dad was such a nerd and now I see her thinking the same about her dad. I tend to agree, I HATE the flannel sweats.


here kitty kitty kitty...

This is what happens when you mess with her brother.

The kids were playing downstairs. Trae came up sobbing and saying kitty. Brookelyn brought us this cat that I bought a few years ago for a Halloween party. He shrieked and screamed and sobbed. I made her take it back down, but now Trae always wants me to go downstairs with him. Yesterday, (and almost every day since he discovered the mangled cat) Brookelyn came charging at him with the cat. He was in a very whiny clingy mood to begin with, and I had stuff to do besides have him in my lap all day. I was getting frustrated with trying to unpack, tidy up the house, and try to keep both of my little guys happy, I didn't need her to provoke more tears from him. As it was he cried every time I had to pick Archer up, or go to the bathroom, or basically anything that didn't involve rocking him. I told Brookelyn to throw the cat out in the garbage because Trae was freaking right out knowing it was in the basement, which in turn upset Archer....and you know what happens when I have to pick Archer up.
When Jason came home from work, he commented that I had really done a number on the cat. I told him I was tired of the kids taunting Trae with the dumb thing, so I made then throw it out.
When we went to leave later in the evening, I saw what he meant.
This morning I asked Brookelyn what she beat the cat with....she smiled sweetly and said "a hammer..." I guess I always thought it would be the boys watching out for her.
Today started off rocky. Trae was doing his new throwing crap bit, and had roughly 3 time-outs in his crib by 8 am. That must have gotten it out if his system because he is happily writing on his pickle with a pencil and then putting back in the jar.


Our family in caricatures...and backwards because i'm an idiot.

The completion of our family...the adorable Archer Cole!
(see what I mean about this picture looking like the cereal picture from yesterday...?)
The long awaited Trae-man.
Elliot and Brookelyn together during the lull.
Brookelyn was around 4 months here...she had a ton of hair.
Elliot, who wasn't even on a bottle...
We had this drawn @ Great America. We flew into Chicago when we returned from our honeymoon in Mexico, and decided to swing by since we were in the area. It poured, all the rides were shut down and they offered no refunds. All we had from the day was 3 rides in, this ugly caricature, and $60 per ticket down the drain. It pretty much solidified my insecurity about my fat cheeks.
**anyone else notice the resemblance between Elliot and Archers lips...?

Links to vacation pictures:


Mr. Big

Archer has been getting really excited when he sees us eating and always acted like he could dig right in. We tired cereal a few weeks ago without much enthusiasm. We tried again yesterday and he took to it like a champ...my Dad thought he'd been eating it for awhile. He slept awesome last night until Trae woke him up crying. We got a caricature drawn that looks a lot like this photo...I'll post that soon.



We took pictures down the tunnel on the right...2 lanes of traffic pass through.

The outfit was my Valentines Day present;0)

I love this one because he looks just like Jason.

So one of the highlights of our trip for me was going downtown to this graffiti wall. I wanted to take pictures there, since you never see pictures by a graffiti wall and I love to be different. We were warned not to go here at night, as it may not be safe. The graffiti changes here almost daily. We saw a woman as we were leaving sitting on the side walk and you could tell she was an addict. She smiled and gave us the peace sign, so she must have scored drugs that day.

*Please note that Nate was the photog for any pictures that I'm in.(except the one all by myself...Jason took that.) He shot just what I had in mind.


We made it. We have pictures. I don't remember ever being this tired. We missed home. Goodnight.


Change in plans.

.............since it is supposed to storm at all the beaches within 6 hours of here, we're going to a hotel with a pool instead. (ass much as I was looking forward to making you all jealous;0) We are also going to a graffiti wall and a gigantic mall. Should be fun. Whoo-hoo!


It is raining here...and I love rain, so all is good. Except that I've been running a fever and weak all day. The flu went around, I got the achy headache/fever/chills bit, while everyone else got the throwing up nastiness. Tomorrow we have plans to watch the girls and we are excited and they are super adorable. I don't know what we'll do when we say goodbye, I am counting on tears. We have plans to travel to a beach in Florida, Myrtle Beach, I think, on Friday. We will stay in a motel and travel back Saturday afternoon sometime. We are looking forward to that, and we have a few other things (mall/park/game farm) planned in the meantime if everyone stays healthy. We have met so many really fun people but we are missing family a lot, and being in our own space where we don't have to try to keep the kids from tearing the joint down!

Today is Nate's birthday...Happy 28th Birthday Nate!!

Mom...we miss everyone. Can we try to get everyone together @ your house Monday night for supper? Love you lots. xoxoxo


Stolen from Ashley

The Bucket List.
Some of these are repeats, but I thought it was fun anyway...
( ) Gone on a blind date
(X) Skipped school
(X ) Watched someone die
(X) Been to Canada
( X) Been to Mexico
(X) Been to Florida
() Been to Hawaii
(X) Been on a plane
( ) Been on a helicopter
(X) Been lost
(X) Gone to Washington, DC
( X) Swam in the ocean
(X) Cried yourself to sleep
(x) Played cops and robbers
( X) Recently colored with crayons
(X ) Sang Karaoke
() Paid for a meal with coins only....Does Subway count
() Been to the top of the St. Louis Arch
(X) Done something you told yourself you wouldn't
(X) Made prank phone calls
( ) Been down Bourbon Street in New Orleans
() Laughed until some kind of beverage came out of your nose
(X) Caught a snowflake on your tongue
(X) Danced in the rain
( X) Written a letter to Santa Claus
(X) Been kissed under the mistletoe
(X) Watched the sunrise with someone
(X) Blown bubbles
(X) Gone ice-skating
(X ) Gone to the movies
(X) Been deep sea fishing
( ) Driven across the United States
( ) Been in a hot air balloon
( ) Been sky diving
(X) Gone snowmobiling
( ) Lived in more than one country
(X) Lay down outside at night and admired the stars while listening to the crickets
(X) Seen a falling star and made a wish
(X) Enjoyed the beauty of Old Faithful Geyser
( ) Seen the Statue of Liberty
( ) Gone to the top of Seattle Space Needle.
( ) Been on a cruise
(x) Traveled by motorcycle...Does a moped count?
(X) Been horse back riding
( ) Ridden on a San Francisco CABLE CAR
(X ) Been to Disneyland/World
(X) Truly believe in the power of prayer
( ) Been in a rain forest
(x ) Seen whales in the ocean
(X ) Been to Niagara Falls
( ) Ridden on an elephant
( x) Swam with dolphins


The weather here is gorgeous, it was 72 degrees today. We are passing the flu around so some of our plans will likely be cancelled. I'm hoping I didn't get my flu shot for nothing. Trae is the only one in our family that had it so far, so I'm anticipating more bouts of puking any minute now.


The weather here today is awesome. I just walked outside barefoot! Almost makes me want to stay...we will be visiting with Jeremy and Scott tonight, so that should be fun. Maybe I'll post pictures soon, we shall see.


We made it!! (finally) and we are exhausted.


random pictures and farewell.

...and we're off. (5pm) Wish us luck as we make the 17 hour trip to Georgia.
Brookelyn loves picking out her own clothes

My hair cutting operation last week.
watching Trae in the shower.
Starting to sit up already


Our princess got glasses.

Her brown frames
Her Daddy loves the nose scrunch, which she does to push her glasses up...no puppy dog eyes for this girl, she'll just do the nose scrunch.

Where to begin with this one....well, I suppose I could start off by saying that yesterday, I had the privilege of taking my 3 youngest kids (ages 5, 2, & 4 months) to the eye doctor by myself. At Brookelyn's 5 year check-up, she failed her vision screen (20/40 for anyone who knows numbers) and her pediatrician recommended an eye exam. She failed last year also, but when I took her in, all was fine.

I called at 9 when they opened and they had an appointment @ 11:30, so I bathed and dressed everyone, and off we went. We got to the eye doctor and into the office all swell, but Trae started sobbing "go buh-bye, mama pease!" pretty much immediately. I told him they had to look at Brookelyn's eyes, and he calmed down a little. They called her name and took us back. Brookelyn was to short to reach the eye machines, so she had to sit on my lap. This worked out fine, until Archer started to fuss. I was trying to put his nuk in, all the while holding her still so she could do the exam. Trae decided he needed to be up on my lap, and when I saw his eyes brimming with tears, up he came. Imagine me with 2 kids on my lap, trying to sit still no less, while trying to shush a hungry baby.

Brookelyn did awesome with her letters, and the nurse thought it was cute because if she said B instead of D, she'd correct herself.

"B, no...D!"

We made it through that part, and Archer fell back to sleep. For the next part, they took us into a room where Brookelyn had to sit in a big chair. As soon as they pulled the big goggle thingy's in front of her face, Trae jumped on my lap and started the hair fingering thing.

She was so hilarious, because they showed her pictures, and then she had to say what she thought they were. They showed her a cake with 3 candles, and she said "boat." It was reasonable, it did look like a boat. Then they showed her a duck, and she paused and then said "Ummm, dinosaur...?" It did look like a dinosaur, and she was consistent with it until he made it smaller. She paused and looked and then finally said "treehouse!" The doctor and I were cracking up because we couldn't figure how she came up with that. She was consistent with it though, and that was the key. Just for kicks, he made it really big at the end and said "what's that...?" "A duck...."

When he was all done, he explained that she needed a small prescription in her right eye, and he wouldn't worry about it if her left eye was the same. Her left eye needed a much stronger prescription though, and if we left it, eventually her left eye would go lazy because her brain would send the info form her left eye to her right eye. It wasn't really an option for me, I wasn't going to leave it and create another problem. Oh, and she also inherited an astigmatism from, ahem, me. He said she'll likely outgrow it within a few years, (the glasses, not the astigmatism) and said she'd need them especially for watching TV, playing her video games, and when she's on "her" computer. She has none of these things, but he did add that it'd help her for reading also.

By the time we were done with that part, Archer was insisting on being fed. We went to another area to pick out the glasses, which was on the other side of the office and the place was packed by this time. I was sweaty, and I was trying to haul the car seat, my purse, the diaper bag, and hold Trae's hand so he didn't leave again. (he decided to venture back by the exam rooms while I was talking to the dim-witted receptionist who apparently thinks it's more important to get my bill paid stat than to keep track of my kid. I freaked out because he was right by me feet, and then he wasn't. I looked around and like, I realize that he's my kid and I shouldn't have let him escape, but there was 3 people sitting in this area that couldn't have missed him leaving who waited until I started to get hysterical to tell me he went around the corner. He was about 3 feet away, peeking around the corner down the hall, but there was an old guy blocking my view of him. We finally got the bill paid for the exam part and they ushered us over to the other side to pick out glasses.) We finally got someone to help us. We found the children's glasses, which would have been easy to miss because they had roughly 3 1/2 pairs to choose from. Archer was crying and I was trying to bounce the seat and Trae kept wandering off. The whole time this lady is giving me the pitch about the $79 frames she suggested I buy for my 5 year old. Brookelyn wanted red glasses, but the pair she picked were cat eye-esque, so I said no. We settled on a brown pair that resembled her mommy's and I decided that regardless if I was in an eyeglass place with a bunch of people all around, I was going to breastfeed my child because otherwise he was going to spontaneously combust. Theres this guy, John, who works there who I can't stand and he always seems crabby and to be honest he makes me want to punch him in the face when I see him...well I swear he was giving me dirty looks when I whipped out the boob. I was really discreet and quickly fed him enough to get by until we got out of there. The sales lady worked up a price for the 1st pair...frames, polycarbonate lenses, warranty,....$139. BUT WAIT!!!..if you add another pair, you get 2 frames with polycarbonate lenses and the warranty on both for $179! How could I resist? (I don't even pay this much for my glasses...) So we started the picking out frames thing again. About 5 minutes into it, the lady says they have the frames we picked in cherry, as she knew Brookelyn really wanted red glasses, and I immediately said we'd take them.

The most annoying thing about the place is that you sign in for the exam in one spot, do the exam there, and pay. Then you go to another spot (same building, right side versus left) and pick out the glasses and pay for them there. On the glasses side, there is a line for everything. Who really wants to get in line to be helped, and then stand in line once you've been helped to pay. It's annoying because you have to keep waiting, which isn't my strong point when I don't have 3 kids who are hungry and tired and don't particularly care about my agenda.

*****I have to pause here to get Brookleyn her vitamin and her teeth medicine (flouride)because once she's up she knows she can get another one and does not stop hounding me until she gets it*****

We finally get out of there, with a promise of finished glasses ready to go in an hour and a half. I had to get some things at Walmart and Brookelyn had a disposable camera to develop so as unappealing as it sounded to sit in Walmart for a hour and wait for the camera, that was our plan. We dropped the camera off, and surprisingly it wasn't at all busy and when I asked him if we'd be able to get them in an hour, he said "or even less!" We went to pick out the Noisiest Toy Possible for my neices because their dad bought us a really noisy annoying truck once that sings "ta da dump, ta do dump, ta da dumpdumpdump, ta duh dump, ta da dump, ta da dumpdumpdump, ta da dump, ta da dump, ta da dumpdumpdump, ta da duuuummmp, ta da dumpdumpdump!!" and then "I loooovvvee the smell of traaaassshh!" as many times as my kids press the buttons....ahem, anyway, we go down the aisle with all the musical instruments and there an older lady blocking the aisle with her cart and her butt. She didn't move at all, so I looked as best I could and then walked around to get to the other side of the aisle. Yes, I could have said excuse me, but I wasn't in a good mood and would have had a rude tone. I moved on to the next aisle, and had Archer out and was trying to shush him and make Trae sit and find the stupid toy. She pushes her cart up along side mine, which was, mind you, on the same side of the aisle that I was on, and then does a huff and turns around and storms off. Nice. totally not my problem that you can't fit past my cart....I find the perfect toy and head towards the photo lab. The lady is standing by the kiosk of movies and as I approach her, she pulls out into the aisle ahead of me and walks really slow. Of course I can't get around her, but I am super annoyed, so I tailgate. She must have thought I was going to run her over because she pulled over, and I careened around her really fast for effect. She did her breathy sigh again, and I just rolled my eyes. (I could not make this stuff up, people) We got to the lab and sat on the bench in front of the counter....I figured I'd put the pressure on so he'd hurry up. I breastfed in public again, at the Walmart where a fellow photographer guy that I shoot with works. Luckily I didn't run into him because I did that once when I first had Archer. He came up and congratulated me, and I said I'd show him the baby (who was in the sling and covered with blankets, breastfeeding) but he's eating. Poor guy said "uuummm, okay.....awkward..." and then ended our conversation because he was so flustered, so I didn't want to put him through that again. Finally, we got our pictures (which turned out like junk) and headed out. I got everyone buckled in and we pulled into the eyeglass place 20 minutes early. I called to see if the glasses were done, to avoid hauling everyone in and trying to keep them in one place if they weren't done and they told me it'd be about 40 minutes yet, so "take your time!;0)

I went to Gordman's to look for a swimming suit, and realized that I hate swimsuit shopping as much as I hate going to the dentist. It's worse when you have to take the kids in the dressing room and try to keep them from falling out of the cart while you strip. Oh, and I could definitely do without the "Why you don't like it mom?" conversation to. We left with a few books and yet another obnoxious toy for the nieces, because if I'm doing it, I'm doing it good.

We got back to the eye doctor and I haul in the troops, 2 of who had been sleeping. John stood at the counter and looked at me but didn't help me. I waited very patiently like a lady, rolling my eyes and bouncing the car seat. He picks up a chart with names scrawled on it, looks at me, and then says "John...?" Up walks an old guy, who John helps by straightening his glasses. I notice the chart has a sign above it that says "Sign In" but it should say "Sign In If You Expect Help Today Because You Have To Be Signed In To Receive Help Around Here." The other customer service helper gets off the phone and picks up the sign in sheet and says "Josh." I tell her I think that's him, and point to the old guy who John called John. I thought he read it wrong, because he crossed off a name, and I assumed it to be the person he helped before "John" or Josh. Up walks Josh, and she looks over her glasses at me and drawls "Ahm, sarry, maam' it's jist, were real busy taday..." which adds to the annoyingness of my day.

Finally our moment arrives and John calls our name. Of course I feel like smashing him, but I'd have wanted to smash her more at this point. He helps Brookelyn out with her glasses and then lets her pick out cases for them. Trae is grabbing at them and saying "toy" and I tell him they're not toys, and put back the one he grabs. And then John redeems himself by saying "here's a toy" as he hands it back to him with a 100 watt smile.

It kinda made my day, but Archer kept spitting his nuk out and it always fell down by his butt where I couldn't get to it, so the ride home was miserable. Brookelyn kept asking what I thought Elliot would think, which was really cute that she cared mostly about what her brother would think (or she thought she would rub it in that she had something he didn't) We took a picture and texted it to all of our friends and family, in case you thought I was a horrible mom when I had a bad day...see, it proves I'm cool.

We all made it home in one piece anyway, and as exhausting as it was, once it's over you kinda forget it, until you realize it'd make a great blog post, then you laugh about it as you write it.


I 've found the apron of my dreams at this sight, and they're hosting a giveaway! My favorite Carolyn's Kitchen apron is this lime green number!

***Just the apron, no garter or gloves;0)


Brookelyn's Glasses

I took Brookelyn to the eye doctor by myself today....with Trae and Archer. I'll tell the whole story tomorrow.

Happy 1st Birthday Ana & Olive!!

This is the first picture we ever saw of you guys. You were so tiny and cute, and we couldn't wait to hear that you were with your Mom and Dad.
I took this picture when I came to care for you guys for a few days. I loved it, and I'm glad your Mom and Dad trusted me!

So it was a year ago today....or tomorrow, that your Mom left me a text message at work that said "we're gettin twin girls." I of course was shocked and texted back "are you serious?" Then I just called, because I had to find out what was going on. She told me that your birth mom had chosen them, and they had to decide what they were going to do. It was overwhelming, of course, but in the end they made the decision to go to Georgia in a few days to get you girls. I cried at work, I was so excited! Your Mom said she'd e-mail pictures, so I checked my inbox obsessively until they finally came. You guys were so beautiful. Your Mom told me your names, and asked who I thought was who. I had you guys mixed up, and it's a good thing your parents chose who was who because you both fit your names perfectly. We are so glad that however it happened, God brought you into our lives. We love you guys so much, and we can't wait to come visit and play with you in a few days. See you soon!


Uncle Jason, Auntie Amber, Elliot, Brookelyn, Trae, and Archer xoxoxoxo

p.s. Was there any loud, obnoxious toys you had your eyes on...? We owe your Dad one....let us know!

random funny stuff.

My 17 year old sister, Erica, made up a song yesterday....

Grandpa is a nerd!
He smells like a turd!
Every time he turns around
He poops out a bird!
....and then she proceeded to teach it to my kids, who have been belting it out at the tops of their lungs with glee.
Yesterday after church, we had a potluck at my parents house. After lunch, all the kids were playing down in the playroom (supposedly) while the adults socialized upstairs. Elliot came running up the steps yelling "MOM! MOM!! Look what I found in the bedroom!!" I turned to see him swinging a man-thong around in his hand....a black sparkly man-thong. deep breath...
Laughter ensued from all our guests, or rather my parents guests, and we decided we better come clean with the story.
When we had our family get-together at New Years, we played Bingo. My mom wrapped up the underwear as a gag gift with a few other things. All of us women knew what it was, and the plan was to act like we wanted it, and make our husbands steal it from each other so we could have it. My brother-in-law, Tony ended up with the package that was all gussied up in a Victoria's Secret bag. When he found out what the most sought after prize was, he plotted and put the thong, along with the matching sausage, under the pillow in our room. Jason found the sausage, but not the underwear. He put the sausage back into Tony's bag (and received it back as his birthday gift), and the underwear apparently have been under the bed in that room since.
The other day, Erica asked Brookelyn if she was to describe herself as something, what would it be...? Brookleyn said "Probably, like, a human being!" Erica laughed of course, and said to Brookelyn that she didn't know she knew what described meant and Brookelyn said "well I do."
I had an awesome time on Saturday having lunch with someone over the age of 6, if you mom's can imagine that, and shopping for gifts and things for our trip. Jason was great, he even told me that I should take my time, everyone was doing fine at home. He also made us breakfast (pancakes on Saturday, Oatmeal on Sunday) all weekend and washed up lots of wash that needs to be folded and/or packed for our trip, which I'll be doing today.
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