I hate Monday mornings. Especially following Sunday nights where I've been woken at least a hundred zillion times by my two youngest sons. Trae was running a fever and flopped around and flopped around and drove me insane with all the flopping around. I suppose thats why the baby kept waking up, but when I'd put him in the swing, it lasted all of 30 minutes and then he was up again. I'm sure my husband has some far fetched story in his head of me going "UUUUAAAGGGGHH" in the night and "Are you kidding me....? Go to sleep!" but as you all know, that's nothing like me and it so did not happen.

Compliments of my sweet, hardworking, loud when he gets ready for work and wakes all the kids up husband, all the kids were up around 6. He kissed me goodbye and assured me Brookelyn said she'd watch Trae. Riiiight. So I lay in bed, nursing my little guy and trying to talk myself into getting up. Elliot and Brookelyn were arguing about some stupid art box or some such thing, and I kept saying form the bedroom that they needed to share the art supplies. Finally I asked Elliot to get in the shower. Then I asked him again. And one more time. Finally, I told him to come here, swatted his butt and lo and behold he took his shower pronto. He carried on and on and on though. Trae kept saying "Eyiit nawny too?"

Archer sneezed somewhere in the mix, and Trae said "oh, goodness!"

You know whats super special? The 2 older kids have taken to talking like babies. I try to ignore it, but on the same hand, its not helping them to talk like babies. When they told me they were talking like that for Archer, I told them that it's unhealthy to talk baby talk to babies because then they don't learn how to say words correctly. It didn't work, so when they start the whiny baby talk to me, I talk to them that way. They hate it too. "Mama, pease dit me some miwk....I firsty." Annoying.

I'm a little concerned about keeping them quiet for when the workers are here the next few days....

I think I'll have to schedule a nap in today.
How's that for a craptastic post?


Ben, Heather & kids said...

1st a note about the workers. They KNOW when they come to your house you have 4 little kids.. DON'T go nuts trying to KEEP them quiet (at our house it usually works in reverse, the kids get louder). I was told once by a worker, kids 'noises' aren't bothersome at all, most have earplugs for reading, and.... they usually enjoy it (the kids and the great things that come along with having them). Plus you have 2 sweet sisters coming.. Don't sweat it!
Our night was not enjoyable either. We had a later night, by the time I got to bed it was about 11ish. Then John 'kinda' woke up, fussing, turning, tossing (in his crib in our room). FINALLY I brought him in bed.. only to have him to the same- toss, turn, whine, sleep, toss, turn, cry, sleep. Finally Ben's alarm went off at 4:30, a tiny bit a peaceful sleep after that, until the rest got up at (thankfully) 7. I'm hoping to schedule a nap too.

Mariah said...

'craptastic'... my new word for the day! :)

Heather said...

Hope you get a nap today! And yeah, the workers are used to kids, so don't worry about that! Hope you have a good day....we don't want it to be too "craptastic"....;0)

Neisha said...

ignore the kids until they talk normal

Shannon said...

fantastic craptastic post =)

Mom2FiveBratz said...

I hate to be woken up at night. Since I wake up via every little noise, and my teens are loud, I cant remember the last time ive slept all the night through, without any interuption.

My oldest ones never talked like babies, but they would always answer for the younger ones, which kept them from talking. They all talk way to much now, so it worked out.

Jeff & Aleigh said...

What a night you had. I'm sorry it went like that and that your sweet husband woke up all the kiddos on his way out the door!! I hope that your craptastic day got better!! (I love that word)

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