Writer's Workshop

Another writer's workshop from MamaKat.

I chose to write about a stray animal I took in. And when I say stray, I mean baby animal fallen from his nest. I thought about writing about someone who irritated me, but I think I went far enough with that when I sent him virtual daggers....

One day, when I was about 9 or 10, my dad came home and told me and my 3 sisters he had a surprise for us as he cupped his pocket. I assumed it was candy or pens. He told us to gather round and come closer, and then gently pulled out a baby squirrel that had fallen from the nest. The nest was way up in the rafters on the building where our family window business was run. Thinking back now, from my best judgement I'd guess it was really only 7-8 feet high, but to me it seemed so high, and I suppose for a baby squirrel, that was a long drop. I have to admit that I thought he was ugly and actually couldn't tell what it even was! We all sat in the living room around the squirrel, who my mom had put on a heating pad to warm him up, trying to think of names. I don't remember name suggestions, but I do remember his name: Earl the Squirrel....how's that for original? I don't remember how long we had him for, but I do remember watching everyone else hold and feed him because I have this obsessive/compulsive thing where I have to wash my hands the second after I touch an animal or I can't perform basic body functions like breathing or talking because thoughts of animal residue gasp! fog my brain. I also remember waking up (I think, I can verify this story with my animal loving sister, and then add edit notes to the end because she'll remember all the details) to find that he had died. I was sad, she was devastated. I don't remember how my other sisters took it, but I remember my mom gently telling us that Earl needed his mom's milk and that's why he died. Poor Earl, and can you imagine how his mother felt....?

***Turns out I was right on all counts, and my really little sister was devastated right along with my bigger little sister....make sense?


Red Thread said...

Oh, poor Earl. I was going to choose the stray animal prompt at first too. My story didn't have a happy ending either, and it involved a cat...sad even to this day. Enjoyed reading yours.

Heather said...

I remember Earl the squirrel...and he was cute, just for the record!;0)

Dan said...

Want a replacement earl? The trees around here are full of squirrels this winter.

Growing up on a farm, my brother and I had baby rabbits, raccoons, turtles, ... Although i wonder today how we knew the turtle was a baby. It was always sad when they moved on - either physically or spiritually.

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