Trae is getting to big for his britches....

He told me to "move" today and said "don't!" when I checked to see if he had poop. He also got into my Nair and shattered a glass in our tile shower.


Lindsay said...

little man is giving you a run for your money, eh? sounds like he and cole could be twins... yikes. LOVE the photos, and about the bus drivers... yeah, not only do they need iq tests, they need personality lessons as well. ugh.

Ben, Heather & kids said...

I think Trae's older than John (15 mos), but they sound alike. John's favorite word is "no!" (he hears it too often) But that boy is EVERYWHERE. He has no fear either! This morning he: climbed on the table, stood on a toy box, fell off and hit his head, and tried to stand on the box again, played in the toilet, unrolled the toilet paper roll. With all the running around I do because of him, I should be a much thinner :) As much stress and chaos they cause at this age, I love this stage.. their so much fun and they grow out of it too fast! Then when they get into trouble, their naughty, because they know better.

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