Short and Sweet

Elliot came home the other day and told me his teacher wrote an important note in his agenda that I had to be sure and read.

My thoughts went back to when I was in kindergarten and my teacher told me the same thing. When I got home, I rushed to show my mom, and it was a note telling my mom that I was to worried about my pretty dress and pretty hair, that I wasn't paying attention when we were writing the alphabet. I remember picking up at the letter J, and just copying Jason Young's chalkboard letters to catch up. Apparently I made that obvious, and Miss Zimmerman wasn't happy. I was really annoyed way back then that she had made me tattle on myself and haven't liked her since. In my mind I still think, "I can pay attention better, you'll always have your facial hair..." I suppose she could do something about it, but she never did, and the last time I saw her she still had a full dark mustache. But this is a story about Elliot...

So I assumed he had gotten into some kind of trouble, and when I read the note and found out my suspicions were right, I was annoyed with his teacher for doing that to him. I would rather she call me, rather than making him feel like she left a nice note for me and then I have to talk to him about his behavior. I'm not saying that I don't want to be notified if my child is misbehaving, I just think leading a child to believe that you wrote something good so they rush
home to show their mom is manipulative. Maybe they teach them that tactic in college, or maybe I have PTSD. The note said "could you please talk to Elliot about using his quiet voice in the classroom? Lately he has been yelling and interrupting when others are talking. Thank you! Mrs. nelson" Well, I totally get it, because Elliot interrupts at home to and he tends to be louder than the rest of the other kids. I read him the note, and then explained that he has to use his inside voice and also that it's rude to interrupt others so make sure he's polite.

Then I remembered the coffee incident from the other day and the light bulb went off....I bet he's been sneaking coffee every morning without me knowing. Ah hah..he's getting jacked up on coffee and sugar before school, that makes so much sense. By the way, I got his report card the same day and she'd written in the comments that Elliot is courteous of others and follows classroom rules well, so even though he's a little rambunctious at home, he's always behaved well at school, which is why I thought something was up.

I asked him, and he admitted that he'd been taking coffee in the morning because he "loves coffee." I told him that coffee (especially columbian, black with tons of sugar) effects his behavior and he couldn't have it anymore because I didn't want him getting in trouble at school because of it, and caffeine and sugar aren't really good for kids.

Yesterday, he came home and said Mrs. Nelson had written a note in his agenda that I had to be sure to read. Uh-oh.

I read the note right away, and it said "Elliot did a wonderful job being courteous and using a quiet voice!! :0) Mrs. Nelson.

That's my boy.

***Brookelyn came into my room this morning and said "good morning mom, it's time for breakfast." How did I end up with such great kids?


Ben, Heather & kids said...

You ended up with great kids, because you're great parents :)

namaste said...

I love that he was sneaking coffee! What a great little experiment you had going on without you even knowing it! Coffee = Bad

Ryan Ashley Scott@Optimistic Cynicism said...

That's so sweet - I'm glad she did give him a kudos note in the end.

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