Pictures with narration by Amber

I was losing anyway.
Brooka brew didn't want her picture taken, so her Dad harassed her with the camera all day.
The whole lot of em' on top of the "mountain"

We went on a hike through the snow.(I had tennis shoes and no socks on....who needs em' in 2 feet of snow?)

My Dad's hair...and he is totally about his hair.
Sat still for 7 seconds again.

Best friends (for now, anyway)

We were happy to oblige her....Archer just mostly chewed on her.

Cute little men.

Daddy's Little Monster.
We played many games of darts, fooseball,(the only one I managed to beat was Roy), & charades. Additionally, we watched videos of our wedding and Misty and Casey's wedding and footage of when the kids were little. Incidentally, my husband likes to take lots of footage of my butt when we're at water parks....it was a good time and we almost stayed an extra night because of the freezing rain. We played Bingo and I won some sweet chapstick.
On a side note, we are re-painting again....fun for me, not so much for Jason.


Heather said...

Sounds like a fun time!:0) I can't believe your dad let Trae play with his hair....he wasn't running a fever or anything was he??(your dad, that is!);0)

Maggie May said...

oh i love these pictures!

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