Our freshly painted space.

Before and After....we still have some decorating to do, but I really love the new color. Anyone have an opinion on whether my living room rug still matches or not?


Lindsay said...

i think the rug still matches- looks awesome! for the record, i DID like the red, too... great job! :)

Heather said...

Love the new color!! Looks nice....and as far as I can tell, the rug still goes. I liked the red, too...but this looks great!!

Jeff & Aleigh said...

I loved the old colors you had too but this does look a little more fresh. I think the rug matches as well, as far as I can tell. It was kinda hard to see the colors.

Shelley said...

I like how you did the video thing. We could see around the whole room without "seams" like in snap shots.
It looks very nice.

I've been helping a lady paint. It just makes you feel good. :) She has moved into the old home on the Brownstown convention grounds. Room by room, she is painting and making it feel more like her own.

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