I'm pretty sure he finds me obnoxious.

I mock body slammed Trae on my bed so I could change his diaper. I heard a big thwack! and then realized he had a Fatboy tape measure in his hand and when I slammed him onto the the bed, Fatboy slammed into hid forehead. And I was all "Ahhhh, slaaaammm!" Poor kid. He recovered quick and now he's drilling my hardwood floors with a powerdrill.

Which reminds me: Jason was finishing up the central vac in the basement last night and Trae was "helping." He loves to measure things, (he's saying it now..."meyahs") and everything is "8!" Jason would say "is it 64?....8.....14?...8.....89?.....8!"

He has immense personality, and has developed an attitude. The other day, I asked him where he got his attitude from....."Walmart!"

This morning I was making pancakes for breakfast (I know, homey, right) and I jokingly told Brookelyn she didn't get any. After going back and forth for awhile, she finally said "if you don't give me any pancakes I'll have to eat candy all day...."

On a side note: We leave for Georgia in 5 days...any suggestions for keeping the kids busy for the 17 hour car ride?


namaste said...

I just love the title of that post. I knew I'd love the story right away, and of course, I did! Those are the kind of things I always did to my son and I'm pretty sure he was like "is this my mom"? I love the things they say at that age too. I still love what my son says; just cracks me up. So, in regards to the ride.... DRAMAMINE! Ok, kidding. We drive to AZ from CO for vacation and we leave in the evening (for one) so that he sleeps most of the night, and that takes up a lot of the drive. Then we have a portable DVD player and he watches movies. We also play those goofy games; license plates, I spy, stuff like that. Happy Friday!

Cheri said...

I second the portable dvd player, and driving in the night as much as you can. We also buy treats we dont normally buy.

Heather S said...

I third the DVD player.

Here are a few things we used when we lived in Iowa: color books, books on tapes, 'activity books' (for older kids) snacks/treats. Not sure if you can do it, but we rotated kids sitting in the front (we don't have an pass air bag) they LOVED it!

Jenny said...

We drove from here to Montana in 2007 and didn't have a DVD player because John didn't want the kids to be dependent on that whenever we got in the car for any length of time. I was sort of worried about it, but it really went very very well. Of course, our youngest at the time was almost 3...I brought tons of activity books and crayons enough to go around, stuff they hadn't seen yet. Of course, they each had their favorite blankie/pillow, we had piles of books on tape and SNACKS!! Sippy cups!!
Have a wonderful trip!

Aaron & Cassie said...

Definitely a dvd player. We drove to AZ for Christmas (13 hours) and Baby Einstein was the BEST invention ever. We leave for GA the end of February so we'll just miss you. We're also driving the 17 hours! Good luck!

ShareandRemember said...

Have a fun trip! That sounds like a big time with everyone in the car.

Attitude from Walmart...they've got it all, gotta love that place (not!) LOL

Neisha said...

ah, cute kids.

DVD PLAYER and a ton of movies!
otherwise, pick up those books at Toys R US or wherever that have the cd player with them and you can listen to different stories. i've seen a princess one, don't know if they have a boy one.
get the Crayola coloring books that use the special markers.

papendorfs said...

I recommend ear plugs. For you.



for them... just kidding!

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