I give up

Do you think it's rude to sit on someone else's bike with no underwear on? I do, but my son begs to differ...seriously, I have no idea why he's even walking around without underwear on. sigh. I am going insane today. Archer isn't feeling well and screams when he's not asleep. When I tried to sleep while he slept, he wouldn't sleep. As soon as I gave up and got up, he screamed for 20 minutes because he was over tired, until he finally fell asleep. Elliot had early release. For the life of me I can't figure out why Elliot and Brookelyn even play with each other because all they do is argue and bicker and tattle, my goodness do they tattle. Trae is being so super sweet and cute and loving. He is an angel.

I didn't even get coffee today. boohoo.


Heather S said...

Archer's probably dealing with 'after=shots' :( tyelnol help?? wishing you a better evening/night :)

Melissa said...

It's meeting night Amber....that's why!!!! Seriously, kids sense that. We've got Tues. night gospel meeting and can you guess how my day went yesterday???

Heather T said...

We definitely need to get together on Fri....hope Archer is feeling better soon...poor little guy!

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