I love this shot. My favorite, hands down.Our best hippy impression.
Erica snapped this as I was getting ready for her to take a picture. She loved it, so this ones for her.

Me, Mom, & Erica.
You want what I got....?
MMmmm. He looked so hot.
This one Jason took.
Knock 3 times one the ceiling if you want me. Twice on the pipe...bingbing...if the answer is nooo.
(I'll have that on my head all day too, you're not alone!)
My little guy pretty much refused the bottle the whole time I was gone. Auntie Nikki tuckered him out.


Lindsay said...

looks like you guys had a blast, LOVE the photos!! and yup- now i'll have a new song stuck in my head... :)

Sam said...

love the pics! Where/when was this?

Ben, Heather & kids said...

Fun, fun, fun... love the pics.

Neisha said...

love the hippie pictures.

wow, I'm impressed. justin will only do laundry if he needs something washed right now and i won't do it. here's an e-kiss *<>*

Heather said...

Looks like fun! Was this for the banquet? Nice pony tail, Aunt Julie!!;0) You guys totally rocked the hippy look!:0)

Sarah Heyes said...

Cute pictures... I think Jason looks like his Dad... ;-)

Amber said...

@ heather: yes, this was the banquet.

@ neisha: we'll claim the real thing when we see you next! :0)

NanaK said...

haha...what a hoot! you guys are awesome!

Jacinda said...

Love the pics! You guys look like you had fun.

Summer said...

How can you still be so cute with 4 kids. You have 4 right?!?!?

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