Happy Birthday Honey!

A big birthday wish goes out to my husband today...he is 30! In honor of that, I bring you 30 things I love about him.

1. His smile.

2. The way he shovels a path to both sides of the van when it snows in case I have to go somewhere with the kids.

3. When he plays Lego's with the boys.

4. The way he picks on Brookelyn...he always knows how to get a giggle out of her.

5. His eyes, except when they're crossed.

6. His ability to do pretty much anything around the house.

7. That he throws wash in every now and again.

8. That he believes in me.

9. That he finds me funny, even when other people don't.

10. His butt.;0)

11. His sense of humor.

12. His insane hat collection.

13. That he loves to take Elliot snowboarding.

14. To hear him teach the kids new things.

15. His patience.

16. His mad skills when it comes to finding places.

17. That he can always picture where I'm at and get me to where I need to go when I'm lost.

18. That he brings me coffee on Sunday mornings.

19. He doesn't mind that I talk a lot.

20. He'll watch ANTM with me online.

21. How he thinks Brookelyn is the cutest little girl ever.

22. His fascination with my toe spreading abilities.

23. How on Sunday, he kept gushing about how cute Archer's outfit was.

24. That he talks baby talk to babies.

25. He wanted a big family, and didn't make me stop after 1 boy and 1 girl.

26. He listens to my insane rants without a word.

27. That he likes women with curves, as I fit right into that category.

28. He finds me hot, despite that I've carried 4 babies and don't always feel hot.

29. He guesses me to weigh 40 pounds lighter than I actually am.

30. He makes me smile.

Hope your day is great, Happy 30th Birthday!

~ Love,

Amber, Elliot, Brookelyn, Trae, & Archer xoxoxoxoxo

* I got him a camera, and we're going out Thursday to Red Lobster to celebrate.


Jeff & Aleigh said...

That was sweet!!!

Happy Birthday Jason!

Matt, Ashley & Alexus said...

Happy Birthday Jason!! We hope you have a great day!! Stay Warm!

Tim and Melissa said...

Happy 30th Jason!!

NanaK said...

Happy birthday, Jason!

Lindsay said...

that's so sweet! happy birthday, jason...
thanks for the comment, amber...i think i need an antenna on my head to catch those vibes. or something... :)

Cheri said...

Well done. What a neat idea!! I thought Jason was younger....Farron just had his 30th in Dec...amidst all the moving in frenzy! He got a new gun way before his birthday..so it kinda slipped by without notice. woops

Sam said...

You two are so lucky to have eachother....

Heather said...

Awww!! Happy Birthday, Jason!! WOW, 30.....and here all this time I thought you were younger than me! Haha...just kidding! Hope you have a great day! And nice list, Amber...brought tears to my eyes...;0)

Ben, Heather & kids said...

Any big 30 party planned? :) Benjamin and me turn 30, NEXT year, but he's already threatening me if I even TRY to plan anything. :)

Amber said...

We combined his cake with Trae's on sunday...we did a surprise for his 25th!

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