All in a days work.

Back when I could still stomach romance novels*, someone told me that romance novels give you a false sense of how men really are, and in turn give us women unrealistic expectations of men. (I've heard this about pornography for men, gives them false expectations of what a womans body really looks like.)

I was reading a book to my kids this morning, We Help Daddy....you've heard of it? Well, let me tell you, either I have very low expectations, or this book gave me a warped perception of what I can expect out of my husband in a day. The book chronicles 13 things the daddy and the children do in a day, including:
  • fixing the attic door
  • pulling weeds from the garden
  • watering the plants
  • giving the hedge a "haircut"
  • giving the dog a bath
  • putting a coat of paint on the kitchen fence (whatever a kitchen fence is...from the picture maybe the fence outside the kitchen window...?)
  • hanging a picture above the fireplace
  • making a bird feeder from scratch, with a hand saw, mind you.
  • splitting logs for the fire (ahem, I thought we were just picking weeds, and we need a fire....wait, maybe it's chronicling a year, which sounds about right around here for the amount of work being done.)
  • clean the car
  • polish the car
  • Last of all, the mend the handle on little Benjy's dresser.
  • But wait, Benjy notices a nail sticking out of the bathroom door, so what the heck, they go ahead and fix that too.

The last page of the book specifically says the kids are very tired because they had a busy day helping daddy, so either my expectations are really low, or this is a fairytale. Incidentally, there is a book called "We help Mommy." I don't even want to know everything she can get done in a day, and I really don't want my husband to find out.

On a side note....I realize Trae isn't a baby genius or anything, but this morning he made me proud. Elliot brought home a weekly reader about Barack Obama, and it was lying on the coffee table. I asked Trae who it was, totally expecting him to say grandpa or Elliot as usual, but he smiled and said "Babomma!"

*Dulcie, your book was the first romance novel I read in years, and I loved it. To the point. I can't handle all the beating around the bush that goes on in LaVerle Spencer and Danielle Steel. I'll rad your next book to, so don't think I'm hatin' ;0)


Cheri said...

oh my, and in any of the pictures was mommy standing in the corner cracking a whip???

Amber said...

No, she was lovingly making rollout cookies as she gazed at them through the window.

Ben, Heather & kids said...

oh.. is that all he did? ;) Give me a break..I think the story started something like this, "once upon a time, long ago, in the land of make believe..." if it doesn't IT SHOULD. :)

Neisha said...

I get an urge for romance books every once in awhile.
While some think they are (romance) a waste of a book, I think women read them because the romance and what not is so unbelievable, it's a way for a woman to have a fantasy.
ok, whatever. I'm done before it starts to sound dumb.
I prefer mysteries.

Shannon said...

oh gag me. i want the mommy book! what did i do today?? got home from preschool at 11:30, took off my shoes, listened to the messages....which happened to be the workers calling to say they'd be here at 11:30 for lunch. no prior notice. or so i thought. idamae had talked to evan on saturday and said they'd probably come wednesday but would call before. evan took this to mean that they'd give me a day or two notice....haha. soooo.....the house is trashed, the guest room is a disaster with no clean sheets. and cole is hungry, nolan has a cold and avrie is downright crabby. i still managed to get the beds made and have lunch ready by the time they arrived. soooo off topic....now i'll go email you about the romance novel thing!

Heather said...

Romance novels aren't real????? Aw, man! That just rained on my parade!;0) (Yeah, Dulcie's was the first I read in a LONG time, too...and it was great, so I'll keep reading hers and skip the Steele and Spencer books!);0) I actually can't remember the last time I got to sit and actually read a book for fun....hmmm....

farron and cheri said...

ohhhh i know! i know! how about if men start reading romance novels so they know how to behave!!

Shannon said...

what's this book?? the dulcie one...

Amber said...

Dulcie is one of the friends that used to go to our meeting..she wrote a book called It Takes Moxie. She lives in Hawaii now.

Shelley said...

Have you read Dulcie's "Eye of the Beholder"? It is good too. Different from It Takes Moxie. I read it when I was at Mom's over the holidays.

Heather said...

Amber, I have Eye of the Beholder if you ever want to borrow it...I haven't had a chance to sit down and read it yet(imagine that!!) but I do hope to in the near future!:0)

Amber said...

@ heather: i'd love to borrow it. i hadn't realized it was out other than online.

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