Fits & Giggles

Jason brought the work truck home last night with chairs for special meeting. He and the 2 older kids went early to help Dad set them up at his office and poor Trae was left behind. He wasn't feeling good for the past 2 days anyway, and I almost stayed home, but I didn't want to miss it and he ended up sleeping for part of the meeting and was good the rest. He did scream for about 1/2 an hour "Go, Mommy, pease GO!" and I felt horrible because he always gets left behind. On the other hand, he is to little for most things and I don't want him to get hurt or lost.

After meeting, Jason moved his car seat from the van to the truck so he could get a ride too. Trucks are the new thing these days. The whole ride home, he said "Twuck...Mike Twuck!" Elliot even said at one point that he was getting sick of hearing it. (wonder if he can appreciate
me feeling the same about his whining lately?) Anyway...here is the video, we think it's super cute anyway.

When we got home, he talked about the truck for awhile while I decorated the plant shelf. He discovered one of his birthday gifts, a gun that shoots crotch rockets that zoom across the floor. I opened it for him since I felt bad that he's felt so crummy for the past few days. We played with it and he just kept saying "mow, mow?" (more, more) Finally I'd had enough and said it was time for bed. He threw the fit of the century! Screaming, kicking, rolling, flopping, crying, yelling, and then finally threw his nuk behind our bed. He would calm down a little and then remember he was in the midst of throwing a fit and get all dramatic on us again. He even used special effects and rolled off the side of the bed, careful not to hurt himself. Then he rolled under the bed. It irritated him that we ignored him and he came back on the bed about 5 minutes later asking for his nuk. (which we got and gave to him because we were exhausted and just wanted him to go to sleep) He did, very quickly and into his crib he went. All said and done, Archer was up 3 times that I remember (batteries are dead in the swing, we have to replace those today...) and Trae was up once and then tossed and turned and kicked and flopped around in our bed the rest of the night.
This morning he woke up saying (loudly, I might add) "WAWA?" (water) and Archer just laughed every time he said it. It's just us 3 here today, Elliot's at school and Brookelyn went to Grandma's last night. I decided to snuggle in bed with the boys and read my Bible a little. After I got my coffee, we snuggled down (not really, Trae was hanging from the head board and Archer was kickin' away) I read some and then Trae showed me the (dirty)q-tip he'd stuck in my coffee. There's only 2 things we use q-tips for around here: Earwax and Tiny baby boogers.

He then had to throw a fit because...well I can't remember why, but he ended up smashing his nose on the lip of our walk in shower. Then it was because I wouldn't let him press my keys, and then because I changed his wet diaper, and then he tried to do the special effects thing again and slide off my lap, in the process smacking his head on the bar. I put him in his crib for a time out and he stayed in there by choice for 10 minutes talking quietly to himself. Now he's in my lap again and nodding off, sleepily saying "Eyyiit?...Boppa?...Eyyitt...TWUCK!...Mike!....Eyyitt...Boppa?" They're so sweet when they're sleeping.
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