Over Load

Today, Archer was in a mood and although I had intentions of accomplishing a lot, I really had to stick to things I could do one handed. I got a lot of photo editing done and did a montage for Misty, and managed to do a floral arrangement while he napped in 5 minute increments. I finished the faux wash I started way back when, Jason was finally here to watch the kids and keep them off the ladder. Now I am in the mood to re-decorate but most of that has to be done on a ladder also, as a good majority of the decor in our house goes on the plant shelf across our living room. (bummer...I was going to give you a before and after, but I went back to my post with the pics of the house and I don't have a picture of it...) Anyway, I love to decorate and was feeling claustrophobic and bored with the entire house because everythings been the same for so long. We went to Gordmans and picked up a few things and I'm pumped to get them where I want them. I also finally framed a bunch of pictures that have to go up. It's frustrating getting into a project and doing it in increments...anyway, it'll be finished soon enough.

My Mom bought me a panini maker for my birthday (June 28) and it ended up underneath something in the closet...(you mean your closets aren't un-organized?)she asked me the other day(well, more like 2 weeks ago) if I had used it yet. I got it out last week and have used it everyday since. It makes a perfect grilled cheese, and if you've ever gone to Atlanta Bread and has their chicken pesto panini...I have come scarily close to duplicating it and it is delicious. I have yet to burn a thing, and I always burn the first grilled cheese. Anyone know if you can do pancakes on it? Jason is out pancake maker and he always burns the first one too!

Trae was running a fever today and along with it came diarrhea. I think we used 4 diapers in 15 minutes and he even went on the potty. Hopefully the rest don't catch what he has, but the chances of that are pretty slim, I suppose.

We went to the art fair at Erica's school tonight, she had an entire table of her things...Nicole asked me why I never paint or draw anymore. My response was "that was before I had a million kids, I have no time now..." I miss being creative. Photography is creative in a sense, but I do miss actually painting something or doing a scrapbook page or decorating. I mean to get my creative juices flowing again, I'm so boring anymore.

We are headed up to Steve and Pam's next Tuesday, and I am contemplating sending the 2 older kids up earlier...they have some kittens that need to go before hand because Brookelyn gets sick and I won't risk her having an attack when I'm not around, especially since part of the time Pam will be working and they'll be with Kimber. We'll have to see on that, I know they'd love to go. I am also super excited for the blogger union at Mindy's...and I'm thinking about going to Cheri's Dad's spa for some pampering. we'll see how Jason feels about watching the kids. (I know their his kids to, but, well, never mind. Can't go there.) Big thanks to Mindy for hosting it at her place, and Cheri if it works out I will probably send you flowers for bringing it up!

My photography class is great. I am acquiring a wealth of information on the technical aspects of photography. I'm only one the first module and would already recommend it to all you photogs.

I feel bad because after telling Elliot for the 3rd time to get to bed, I slapped his butt and told him to get to bed when he came out looking for a vase for some silk flowers. ( baby was crying, I was on the phone, Trae was fighting with Brookelyn over a toothbrush, it was past bedtime by almost an hour, Jason is gone...) Afterwards, I thought maybe he was going to give me the flowers and now I feel terrible. So, if he's been told 3 times previously but he's coming to give me flowers is it okay? Or did he deserve a spank on the butt? (it wasn't a painful spanking, more like a smack on the butt to let him know I mean business:0) I'll sit here all night feeling guilty just to find out they were for his "ex" to win her back...have I told that story yet? Megan broke it off because he said he didn't want to marry her until he graduates. He said he wasn't sad and I believe him because he hasn't talked about her since.

Brookelyn said something super cute today and I can't remember what it is, so I'm mad at myself for that too. I should have written it down somewhere, I should know by now that I forget everything these days unless I write it down.

On the upside, I've lost 7.6 pounds in 2 weeks.
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