Feeling Lucky?

I am hoping to win an artist's rendition of my favorite picture from The Poppies Blog! Go there now to check out the awesome prizes and details on how to enter! Good luck!

Mindy....Shannon A....Jenny.....Shannon G.....Neisha

....am I missing anyone? We are coming up to the in-laws the 23rd-27th, and I'd love to get together with as many as can make it....somewhere. So, the 24th, 25th, or 27th work for anyone? They live in Elk Mound, about 2 hours from the cities, and I think all of you are from around there....I'd be happy to come into the cities to meet up. I'd especially like to meet Shannon in person;0) Let me know...I know it's a busy time, but thought I'd throw it out there.

On a side note: Elliot had a snow day today. After playing in the snow for roughly 15 minutes, the kids (Elliot & Brookelyn) came inside and Elliot asked "Is da heat even running?" They were so cold and took it upon themselves to run a bath....(usually one goes, then the next...showers actually) They were all in there (I was sitting at my computer not paying a lot of attention, but I could see them) in their clothes. I suppose they didn't want to be naked in the same tub, but they had to walk to me because their clothes were so wet they couldn't get them off. (huge, wet mess) Trae was buck naked...we can't keep his clothes on to save our lives.

After lunch, I made the kids take naps, as we've had a lot of whining and arguing. I should've put away the clean laundry or perhaps swept....but I crawled in beside Trae and crashed. The kids (except Archer) slept for a full 2 hours. Archer is having belly pain today, and he (we) were in and out for the 2 hours. Either way, it was blissful. Tonight Jason will be working on the tile shower at my parents and I'll be home doing the chores I neglected today.

Trae used to call cookies crackers, but now he calls them crack-ok-ers!
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