I have so many things to post and rather than have it all in one big run-on, you get bullets.
  • Today we went over to Mom's to make sugar and gingerbread cookies. We took some crazy cute pictures of the kids "helping" but they are on my internal memory and I have to figure out how to get them off. We are getting a blizzard now and expect 10-14 inches or something crazy, so I'm banking on Elliot not having school tomorrow. His concert is tomorrow if school is on.
  • My sister, Erica, hates feet. The other day Brookleyn was licking my feet just to gross her out. It worked.
  • Archer slept 7 hours one night, and then 5 the next!
  • I am tired of pumping me breast in bathroom stalls. Apparently the sound of a breast pump is "freaky" and "hilarious" and the adult women of this world just can't leave it be, they have to laugh and carry on until I assure them they're safe, I'm just milking. The last wedding in Nov. I had to set the pump on the baby changing station and a group of girls came in and were laughing hysterically. Really?....it's not that funny. Then it went to "OMG!! What is that? I am seriously freaked!! LOLOLOLOL...." Are you kidding me? They continued laughing in all their freaked out horror, and finally I piped up that it was just a breast pump. "Oh, it just scared us..." Yeah, really, grow up........So then Saturday, as I was perched in the handicapped stall on a chair with my pump teetering on my lap 8 hours into the shoot, another bunch of ladies come and and laugh hysterically again. It seriously never occurred to me to sit and laugh like a hyena at the sound of a breast pump.....I can't believe grown women do it. Oh, and I managed to spill 2 ounces of milk on the floor. (the bag folded when I was dumping it) Archer only drank 8 ounces in the 11 hours I was gone, so I have 14 ounces frozen. One last thing: for whatever reason, my right boob was like a full cup size larger than my left all day Sat. & Sun regardless that I pumped to try and even it out. The girls are back to (nearly) identical twins today so they must have been in a funk, but how am I supposed to camouflage that the F sized breast is much larger than the E size one? They're hard to miss even if you're not looking.
  • I filled the van up for under $25 today.
  • I sold my snowboard and boots...which happened to be a huge part of our dating days. Jason was a little bummed to learn I have zero desire to ever hit the slopes again. I hate the cold, and I hate that I have back and neck problems from falling on my snowboard. I sold the board to a 13 year old boy, and the boots to a jerk. He called me on my way to the chiro this morning (which happens to be in Clintonville, where he was) and I happened to have the boots with me. He met me at the chiro, and then brings out $25 instead of $30. He says "25, right" and I say "no, $30...." Of course then he said "really? I think it was $25, is that okay?" It's 5 bucks you idiot, and these are $140 boots that have been worn like 5 times, maybe. What is your problem? "Whatever, it's fine." "Are you sure? I'm sorry." I believe that was bunk, and that he was pretending to be a clueless piece of turd to save himself 5 bucks. I really wanted to tell him that was my gracery money for the week for me and my 4 kids, but let it go. Apparently there is a sign on my forhead that screams "I love to get ripped off, especially if you act all shocked that you "forgot" how much we agreed on for this item that you are getting a great deal on in the first place!!" Seriously, I had a guy talk me into selling him a chaise lounger for $70 instead of $80 and then show up with $69 and feed me this line that he was sure he had $70.... Get off my lawn. Peice of crap. Then I get 9 more calls about the stupid thing and could have got every penny I was initially asking for. Anyway....
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