Elliot has plans to get married on Tuesday.

He came home from school on Monday and said that he was going to move in with 2 of the triplets, Megan and Jessica, but they weren't his girlfriend or anything...

Yesterday, he started talking more and said that Jessica wasn't his girlfriend. Of course, I asked if Megan was then and he said "Yes!" He is really very giddy about the whole affair. He has it all figured out....

They are going to get married Tuesday (that's the day she wants to do it) and then they will move into my Mom and Dad's basement....He even moved an art easel, Lego table, a sword, random books, and a few other fun things into "their" room. I asked him how long they'd been dating and he said "2 days!"

I asked him "what if she wants to have babies with you...?" and his exact words were "That'd be alright!" said with a huge grin.

We also had to probe him to make sure there isn't any kissing going on, and there isn't, but they hold hands on the playground. I told him he can't kiss her and if he does he could get in a lot of trouble...(there was a case around here recently where a kindergartner kissed another kindergartner and he got suspended)

He was giddy and couldn't stop talking about her all night. He seemed so glad to be getting out of his parents place, after all Grandma's place is much better. Finally I told him he couldn't get married because he was to young and I wasn't letting him move out because I'd miss him. He asked me "like what?" and I told him I wouldn't be able to tuck him in or wake him up for school, and he assured me Grandma could.

I asked Brookelyn if she would be sad if Elliot moved out and she said "No, cuz I'm movin' out to...the udder room I'm gonna sweep in."

They crushed me.

Elliot had a change of heart after a talk with Grandpa and decided he's "not gettin' married til' he's 18 and done with high school." I suppose Megan's heart will be broken today. I'm sure he won't be real delicate in telling her he doesn't want to marry her on Tuesday.
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