Trae biting his toenails. hilarious!


If anyone can enlighten me on how to upload an actual video instead of the link, please enlighten me! Thanks.

  • The other day Elliot saw a picture of Beyonce and JZ in a magazine. He showed it to me and said "Mom, here's a picture of Abe Lincoln and his wife!"
  • I can't believe I forgot to post this....Trae pooped on the potty at the cabin last weekend, yea!
  • My new favorite cereal is Kashi U Black Current and Walnut. Delicious.
  • Archer LOVES when I clean out his ears. He sits really still and looks about ready to fall asleep. (Not with q-tips, he hates that...just when I get all the dried milk out of his ear folds when he wakes up.)
  • Archer also almost dozes off in the shower, just like Trae did. One of these days he actually will, and then I'll take a photo.
  • I got a new Flip Video camera. We have a big video camera, but I wanted one for the diaper bag. It's green, like my laptop. We've probably created a monster here...I apologize in advance if I post to many videos of my kids. :0)
  • That's all. Ciao!
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