1. Two Names You Go By: Mommy, Amber
2. Things You Are Wearing Right Now: Jean skirt, Down vest
3. Two Things You Want Very Badly At The Moment: Central Vac & a massage.
4. Two people who you look up to: My Dad & My Mom
5. Two things you did last night: Went out for some alone time & tucked the kids in.
6. Two things you ate yesterday: Cheesecake & Latte.
7. Two people you last talked to: Trae & my mother in law.
8. Two Things you're doing tomorrow: Having dinner with family @ Mom & Dad's & heading out to the cabin for Fri & Sat.
9. Two longest car rides: Montana & Florida
10. Favorite Holidays : Thanksgiving & Sweetest Day.
11. Favorite Vacations : Cancun & Florida.
12. Last trip: Montana for a family reunion.

Dedicated to Ana & Olive

The Starfish Saver

As I walked along the seashore, this young boy greeted me.
He was tossing stranded starfish back to the deep blue sea.
I said "Tell me why you bother, why you waste your time this way.
There's a million stranded starfish, does it matter, anyway?"
And he said, "It matters to this one. It deserves a chance to grow.
It matters to this one. I can't save them all I know.
But it matters to this one, I'll return it to the sea.
It matters to this one, and it matters to me."
I walked into an orphanage, a young woman greeted me.
She was adopting a little girl, She was excited, I could see.
I said, "Tell me why you bother, why do you waste your time this way.
She's only one of thousands, does it matter anyway?"
And she said, "It matters to this one. She deserves a chance to grow.
It matters to this one. I can't save them all I know.
But it matters to this one, I'll help her be what she can be.
It matters to this one, and it matters to me."
A big shout out to Nate & Marsha for giving Ana & Olive a chance, and to all the other adoptive families who have made it matter. We miss you guys and can't wait to see you at Christmas. Hug the girls for us!

I'm thankful....

  • That we have a functional family that has so much love for each other.
  • For healthy kids.
  • That our propane tank is 70% full.
  • That my husband is willing to work side jobs to pick up my slack during the down season.
  • That I can stay home with my kids, and that either Jason or my Mom is willing to watch them when I work.
  • For warm winter coats/hats/gloves for all the kids.....thanks Grandma!
  • My Mom makes such a great Thanksgiving feast and for everything else she does.
  • For my faith.
  • For my sisters. Nothing quite like a sister.
  • For my nieces.
  • That my husband has a great job.
  • For great friends that have my back;0)
  • For today.

No more Monkeys jumpin' on the bed...

  • First off, yes, I do realize all I do is bulleted posts anymore...

  • Light night after being gone only for about 45 minutes, I got a call from Jason saying Trae fell off the bed and cut his ear...Trae and Archer were both screaming in the background. He said it was bleeding pretty bad. After determining he didn't need stitches, I told him I'd be home as soon as I could....it makes my stomach hurt just looking at it, and it he must be in a decent amount of pain because he didn't sleep well at all and it seems like if he lays on it, it wakes him and we start all over again with the tossing and turning.

  • Archer HATES when I leave, he screamed the entire time even though I fed him right before I left and he was sweet as pie all day. I guess I'll only be leaving him for work, which is few and far between these days. Winter is not a hot season for photographers.

  • Last night I actually put my cart away since I was by myself...I took aim from about 15 feet from the cart corral and shoved it with all my might, hoping for a bulls eye. Well, I missed, and the cart slammed into the metal divider and bounced back towards me. I laughed and said nice....to myself, I found it funny but hoped, ya know,that no one else saw....and then this cute little Mexican Grandpa pipes up and says "Ya almost made it!"
  • I had a chocolate cheesecake and a latte for supper, how posh is that?
  • In my haste to post quickly and get out of the house, I failed to mention that Brookelyn fell asleep with gum in her hair the first time, and did a cartwheel the second time. I tried to get most of it out, but ended up having to cut the little bit that wouldn't come out, even with ice.

  • Annnnd....the award for the Best Pacifier Loser in the Country goes to my husband.

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