A few things...

  • Brookelyn learned to blow bubbles....and I've had to cut gum out of her hair twice today.
  • Elliot has a "pet" spider named Camo.
  • Momma's off to Walmart....and then to the salon for a shampoo & trim.

I'm sorry, does anyone else hear that annoying buzzing sound?

I just returned home from the doctor...I was up half the night with a massive sinus headache. The doctor convinced me not to gain anymore weight....

When I was expecting Archer, I had some pain that we had originally thought was my gallbladder. Since I've had him it's gotten worse, but in talking with people, I realized that it had to be something else, and asked the doctor about it today, explaining that I had my child 10 weeks ago.

Apparently, I have an "anatomic abnormality" and she has no clue what God was thinking when he gave us a zyphoid process, but it's really stupid because we just don't need it! So what it is (as she hunches over and pushes in at the bottom of her ribcage) when we get pregnant....this is really enlightening!...things move and our belly expands! Of course, we can try to get our belly flat, but we all know it just never goes back to the same. So, then after that schpeel, she tells me I can't keep gaining weight. She tells me that I look like I have a sinus infection, and after a gander at my throat confirms that but tells me 3 times that "it's really not that bad...you know in the old days people got over this stuff on their own..." and gives me a recipe for a nose solution of pickling salt, baking soda, and water. She stands up and bends down and simulates squirting saline spray up her nose with a "booger bulb" Then she sits down and says "just bend over over, kina like this and, ya know squirt it up there (head back) (head forward) and then blow it out....then tip your head back again and then swallow and snort at the same time." Then she snorks again and keeps reiterating the routine. I guess I'll just mention here that yes, she is a dork. I ask her if theres anything I can do for the issue with my stomach because I can't see putting up with it for the rest of my life. She says "well, ya know, don't press on it, and don't gain anymore weight..." It's not like I have this plan to pack on pounds, obviously...."it's just that, don't gain weight...you know." She finally shut up about it.

Then she asks where she should fax the script...(I'm going to do the nose solution, but if it doesn't help, then I'll get the antibiotic)...and I tell her Walmart. She then realizes I had a reaction to Amoxicillin once, so she finds a different drug (Zithromax) and I ask if I can take that while nursing. (yes) Then she asks me what pharmacy. I had thought we went over that, but tell her again. Then she explains the classes of drugs to me and how my drug is safe in pregnancy and nursing.....and asks me if I'm pregnant now. Are you kidding? Do you listen to anything I'm saying? And do you feel the need to tell 14 times that I shouldn't gain anymore weight because people have to repeat things 30 times before you catch on?...
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