Risky Business


Especially when Brookelyn's gone, he plays momma's boy. It seems like it should be an easy habit to break, yeeaaah, not so much.

  • So, I've been having this pain that feels like someone is pushing the little bone thingy at the bottom of my ribcage back towards my, well, back. Originally when I was still pregnant, the Dr. said it was probably my gall bladder....but from what I'm hearing, gallbladder pain is intense and feels like a heart attack. Not what I'm experiencing at all. It is worse when I'm hungry....I woke up with it feeling like I have something stuck in my throat down where that bone is. I have a chiro adjustment on Monday, so I'm going to have him feel that bone, since it seems to veer off to the left. Anyone have any other ideas on what it might be?

  • Jason has one more night of work on the tile job he did and it has allowed us to fill our propane tank 70% which is really awesome.

  • Trae has escalated from just roughly fingering through my hair to winding his fingers up to my head until it's tight and then yanking it straight out. I'm finding a connection between it and the migraines I get about 3 times a week.

  • Elliot was telling me how his foot really hurt this morning. He didn't know why...kept bringing it up....showed me how "blue and black" it was (it wasn't) and then it dawned on me that he wanted to stay home...

  • BTW...if you have little boys, you shouldn't ever pee in the dark. Your butt gets wet sometimes....

  • We are headed up to my parents cabin tonight for opening day tomorrow, hence the reason Elliot wanted to stay home today. Smart kid. To be fair, Brookelyn went last night with Mom and Dad, poor Elliot never really gets to stay at Grandma's because he has school.

  • I was watching America's Next Top Model on YouTube last night....I love seeing the photographs...totally makes me not want to eat Twinkies....or anything, really. ( I don't even eat Twinkies, but if i did, I'd stop.)

  • I really want to find time to start exercising again, ahem, make time I meant.
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