Today was rough. Archer seemed to be in pain again this afternoon. The Zantac seems to be helping a lot though, and yesterday I took him in for an adjustment at the chiro again. His butt crack veers to the right a little, so we're going to continue to adjust him until it's straight. Also, at every diaper change, I am holding him upside down for about 5-10 seconds....and he loves it. (BTW, the chiro recommended this....not something I came up with on my own) He was screaming tonight and I changed him and hung him upside down and he stopped crying immediately. Maybe he can't cry upside down...! He stopped for a few minutes afterward, and I'm hoping we're going to keep seeing improvement. He goes from really happy and easy going, to screaming in pain just like that. I just wish I knew for sure what the deal was so I could help him. Poor baby.

****Jason just called from his side job to tell me he's been puking for the last 1/2 hour and is on his way home. He had a really bad headache...I'd like to know how to keep all the kids from getting it. I'm just dreading everyone having the flu...and meeting is supposed to be here tomorrow, and I hate to cancel because we did that 2 weeks ago. We'll see.
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