Cutie Pie.

What's wrong with this picture?***

Trae found the Nuk he lost last week and was really happy to be reunited with it.

Trae loves lemons!...side note: Anya doesn't even flinch when she eats lemons...
I suppose I'll try to form a coherent sentence here, but it's probably going to some out as one big run-on....

Poor Archer took some abuse from his siblings these last few days. Trae decided to "share" some gummy candy corn and I didn't catch on until Trae said to me "bite!" and pointed at Archer. I ran over to him and he had an entire candy corn in his mouth. needless to say, we had a discussion about not feeding the baby, and we watch VERY closely now.

Tonight Archer was kicking on his back on the floor, and Brookelyn was walking towards me talking, but she seemed to acknowledge that Archer was there. She walked up, and it seemed almost like a dream, stepped right on his little belly. I pushed her back, and sort of yelled...I was shocked that she stepped on him. He started screaming, and she got this look of disbelief on her face like she couldn't believe she'd just done it either and burst into tears. I calmed down and explained in nicer terms that she cannot step on him and she could've really hurt him. He wouldn't stop crying, and she burst into tears. She cried so hard she almost threw up, and he calmed down after about 5 minutes. I could tell she really felt bad when she came and just kept kissing and loving on him. I finally asked if she wanted to hold him and she of course said yes. Poor kid.(s)
***To my credit, these were all mated in my drawer, so maybe my husband mated them...anyway, I put one on, then the boot on that foot, and then the other. My Mom asked me why I was wearing two different socks, and I said I wasn't, and then I looked down and saw that they were clearly the same ones because they had the little guy on them...and then I looked at the band and laughed pretty good....always good to laugh at yourself. Oh, and sorry for laughing at you Dan, way back when...I guess even the best of us have mismatched socks sometimes! I'm glad I didn't take my boots off at the play date.
The play date was really fun today...Trae is (slowly) learning to share.
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