If a picture can paint 1000 words.....

Here, Trae had just bitten Elliot. Elliot was crying for obvious reasons, Trae was crying because I told him no.

Here, they're both stiil doing lip-ups.
Here, I pulled some rad dork move and made them all laugh.

oops! I did it again....

Sacked out after the mall.

I love these...she was a cop, and then he stole her glasses! I love her gun.....

Trae licks my parents' mantle....and the floor pad thingy at the mall.

Wrestle Mania 2008. I love how Trae sits in the middle reading the "Green Magazine" so obliviously.
*Insert Jason's deleted grundy picture here....I had to help them with that one!

Elliot usually loves to hold Anya...but since there was a TV, he wasn't impressed. Look at her veg. Later that night, Elliot got out of the van half asleep, and for some reason went and laid his head in the clean laundry on the couch.

snuggle time.
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