2 month stats:

The cute little prince himself.

His new "thing"
Can anyone guess what this is? I thought at first that it was a reaction to his vaccinations....but it's a self inflicted hickey!

12lbs 11oz (75%)
23 inches (50%)

I explained the fussiness situation to the doctor, and he said it could be acid reflux. If he continues to be fussy or it gets worse, I can get a script for Zantac. He's been really great the last few days, sleeping for 4 hour stretches, so I think maybe he had a growth spurt and that's what the fussing was all about.

Bullet Proof

  • We went last night after gospel meting to get "chore charts" for the kids. Responsibility charts, really. Our first stop was Barnes & Noble. They had 1 wooden/magnetic chart for $19.99 and I figured the magnets would be lost in no time, and we needed 2. I did buy a "Family Calendar" so we can have a game plan and everyone (Jason and I, that is) will know what's up and when. I decided I never want to hear "chore chart" again. Because, well, this is why: "Chore charts! yeah, I wanna do chores. I can do the outside work, and Brookewyn can do the dishes. Boys do outside jobs, girls do inside jobs.(we had a conversation about how there are women who build houses and men who clean houses, Daddy of course sat and laughed, but kept his mouth shut) Do they have chore charts? How come we aren't getting CHORE CHARTS!!!? Chore charts, chore charts!! We're gettin' chore charts! Do you think this store will have chore charts? Brookewyn, how come you don't want chore charts? Oh, I like chore charts, they're cool! Oh, yeah, this is a cool chore chart! Hi, (to the check out lady) we're gettin' chore charts and we're gonna do chores! We finally found some at Office Max. Chores. Charts. Chore charts, chore charts, chore charts, yea for chore charts!!
  • By the way, Brookelyn was against the chore charts all along. We asked her why she didn't want a chore chart and she said simply, "because, I don't want to do chores."
  • We are going to implement some behavior things into the charts, hence "responsibility" chart. Like: no hitting, listening the first time, no fighting, manners, etc.
  • Hopefully within the next 2 months or so, I'll be enrolling in an online photography course, as we'll (hopefully) have the means to pay my tuition. Obviously not ideal for everyone, but for me it's perfect because I can go to school without "going to school" and I don't have to have child care or drive anywhere and I'll receive a diploma, which will rock. Here is a link for anyone interested The Photography Institute.
  • Archer puked in Brookelyn's mouth this morning.
  • Archer also has his 2 month check up this morning so I will post stats later. By the way, anyone know where the time went? 2 months already. Wow.
  • Oh, and I plan to join Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep soon. I got a very heartfelt letter from a mom who used the organization and feel it's something I need to at least try.

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