I had a terrible dream last night that I was shooting this really upscale wedding with Deb. She was doing video (which she never does in real life) and I was doing photography. What I didn't get, we didn't have....

So I am sitting enjoying the wedding, a lavish outdoor affair with 12 couples, and all of the sudden it dawns on me that I've forgotten my job and haven't gotten any of the processional. I jumped up and started shooting, and figure I'll grab the shots I need of the processional during the recessional and Deb would never know. (she would, I guarantee it)

Then, I realize that I'm shooting with Brookelyn's Disney Princess camera. No Flash. No Diffuser. 5 mega pixel. No zoom. Crap. What am I doing here. I decide at this point I'm quitting, I'd be done anyway. I locate my camera at this point and figure I'll get it and try to make up for some of this mess and I don't have batteries for my flash, an dmy camera battery dies as soon as I turn it on. Conveniently, I forgot my spare at home along in the charger. At this point I wake up in a cold sweat, and thankfully realize it's a dream.

I hate dreams that are so real they make your gut drop at least 4 times the next day before you realize it never happened.
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