Family Time

Me, rockin' my shades*

The kids are all ready for winter...

Mr. Traeman

Brooka being a lady.

We took the kids out tonight to see Wall-E. Cute movie.
Before hand we stopped at Culver's for a quick supper. The place was packed and there was no where to sit except a table for 2. Brookelyn and I shared a seat and Archer was on my lap, and Jason and the other 2 boys shared the other seat. There were also no high chairs left.

Right next to us was a women, all alone, sitting in a booth made for at least 5 people. She was reading You Are What You Eat, and slurping pop. She sat there alone for over half an hour, looking around at us and the people standing up to eat and then went back to her reading, feet propped up on the bench across from her....so lady like. Needless to say, I was irritated, as she looked at us at least 3 times almost like she was gloating that she had an entire bench seat to herself and another entire bench to prop her legs on. Oh, and endless refills on her pop. Finally, a Culver's employee explained that she'd been there for quite awhile, and since she wasn't eating and they had people standing, that they would like to ask if she could leave and open up that spot for someone else. She said all innocent and shy like, that she was about to do just that, as she noticed that poor family (us) and just wasn't paying attention. Okeydokey lady, you noticed alright. So she packed up her things (and probably refilled her pop) and headed out to read in her car. And her spot was filled by a single man. Nice. I would so post a picture of her (and him), but I forgot my camera at home.

Also, at the mall today, I took the kids to the play area. This lady asked how old Archer was, and I told her only 7 weeks. "Can I hold him?"
"Uh, I'm just about to feed him.."
"oh, you are? I need my fix..."
So I fed him and explained the "situation" to Nikki and we packed the kids up pronto and left. People are weird.
*Uh, no.....I didn't buy em'
Daddy comes home today!!!!

We're hitting the mall while we wait;0)
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