A Picture Post.

I've been wanting this picture for so long. He finally held it long enough!


Trae's favorite hat.

My happy guy yesterday actually vegging on the floor...

A Trae sized fit....

Guess Who? Trae gets into markers almost everyday and typically is very proud of himself. I know you're thinking I should put them UP then, and I do....just to have Elliot and Brookelyn get them back out and usually I don't catch it until he proudly shows me his masterpiece. Creativity abounds in our house.
Oh, and here is where I would have posted the pheasant hunting pictures of my Dad and Brookelyn from this morning...but, well, my Dad doesn't want to be included in this blog, ever...I did post it and my caption was going to be "this is me disobeying my Dad...."but I had a change of heart.
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